Christmas Post by Princess Farida and Karin! (Who the heck are they?)

K-*Yawns and stretches* So why are we doing this?

F- Because the author had the other characters narrate the last holiday's blog post and so she feels like she must do the same for this holiday.

K- That's stupid. They don't even know what this book is about yet because "the author" is too lazy to post anything. She isn't even going to work on this story for months

F- She finished plotting didn't she? 

K- Well, yes...

F- And wrote a bunch of AU scenes for you JUST so that she could figure out your unique voice and get the hang of it? 

K- I suppose...But she still hasn't told her readers about us. 

F- It's supposed to be a secret.

K- Then why did the author make a post about it and give it a label with the book's title?

F- Oh please, It's not like anyone is going to guess what the book is about!

K- Fine. So what do you want to talk about, princess?

F-*frustrated growl*

K- What? You wanted me to call you princess.

F- This isn't what I meant and you know it, in insufferable man. I meant, use my title. 

F- *ehem*

F- Welcome everyone. I am Princess Farida.

F-  .....

K- .....

F- And this is Karin.

K- ......

F- The thief and criminal

K- ......

F- Who is trying the challange for my hand which will probably lead to his death just like it has the ninety guys before him

K- ...

F- Karin, you have to say SOMETHING

K- .....

F- Do you really expect me to do all of this by myself?.....Speak!

K- Starfish *smug smile*

F- What does that even mean? You've just been saying it over and over and over...

K- *still smiling smugly* That's enough for today. Farewell everyone.

F- What? No, I  wasn't......

K- The End


  1. Random, but I like it. I also really like the characters already. I obviously don't know which work this is from, but you should share more about it because it sounds AWESOME!

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas. :)

    1. I did, thank you. I had a lovely Christmas. And you?

      And there will be more soon!

    2. It rocked! We hung out at home, I got a bunch of cool stuff (lots of workout stuff since I love to exercise) and it was just nice to be home.

      Yay, can't wait! :)

  2. Hmm, Twelve Golden Windows, challenge for princess's hand, death for failure . . . is this a Twelve Dancing Princesses retelling? Or am I completely wrong? (Please don't answer if it's a spoiler!)
    Anyhoo, (belated) Merry Christmas, and have a wonderful year! I've been enjoying your blog; keep up the good work!

    Brianna |

    1. Completely wrong.

      And Merry Christmas to you too!

    2. Oh well. It still sounds super cool! You are planning more posts on this . . . right? :D

  3. You did it again, MK.....*shakes head*.