Equestrians//Didn't She Just Do A Post On This? Think Again!

So yes. I did just do a Write What You Know post on Horse Girls.

But you know what? Horse girls and equestrians are different. There are horse girls (a lot of them) who are not equestrians and there are equestrians who, sadly, are not horse girls.

Basically a horse girl loves horses and an equestrian rides horses.

I was originally just going to combine the two, but *shrugs*

I'm not entirely sure WHY I'm writing this post. Basically the only people who write horse stuff are horse people.

While I should be helpful and write a WWYK post that is simply about horses (which would actually be helpful for people writing medieval era Fantasy...) I'm writing this.

(I probably WILL write a WWYK post about horses at some point)

Granted, it would be helpful to horse girls who don't ride...


  • Your hands will always smell like horse or saddle soap
  • You will find random braiding bands in your pockets along with: horse treats, small scraps of leather, shaving, and hay (Oh. so much hay)       
  • You're really good at braiding hair and sometimes "make up" new braids (They're actually dressage braids, but whatever) And you're just sitting there thinking, you should try doing this on an antsy horse
  • You pat the back of the car when you walk behind it
  • Measuring things in "Hands"
  • Clicking at random objects when you want them to move. Occasionally, slow moving people.
  • Some of the things that you say around the barn just don't sound...appropriate....around people
  • "Horse back riding isn't a sport"

    (*Whispers* It's in the Olympics and has been since the start. Not only is it a sport, it is a classical sport. Deal with it, punk.)
  • You get annoyed when people say, "You just sit there."

    Ha ha. Ha ha. Tell that to my leg muscles.

  • You yell at people in horse movies because they have bad equitation.
  • And you know that all horse movies basically follow this story line

    Person: That horse is dangerous/bad/will never amount to anything
    Girl: Bad daddy, I love it!
    Girl: *sneaks outside*
    * training montage commences*
    *Big show*
    *Girl and horse enter*
    Dad-figure: Wow. She's a lot like me

    And they all lived happily ever after
  • There's always that one girl at the barn whose parents spend more money on her riding and has a Super-Horse
  • The tiny communities that form in non-horse social settings where the horse people clump together. They may move in different social circles, but they're always down to talk about horses
  • That one person who is super condescending and thinks they're so great and then falls off their horse as soon as they're through the gate
  • You know horse people are crazy. You get injured and you stumble up and say two things
    1.) How is my horse/Where is my horse?
    2.) I'm fine. I have a class in 5 minutes
  • Crazy horse person lingo.
    "Green horse"
    "Eggbutt snaffle"
    "latigo strap"

    So, do you write horse people without being a horse people? If you wanted to write a crazy horse nut best friend for your main character, now you can.
         You're probably just going to laugh at this and move on though

         Oh well,



  1. True stuff there, MK. I used to ride for a bit, and a lot of this was familiar.


    1. I didn't know you rode!

      (Oh wait. That's right. Bad brain, bad.)

      English or western?

  2. I have no clue about horses, so this just went over my head, but I always enjoy reading your posts. :)
    I've never been near a horse, except on the highway where there's a horse trailer being pulled and you see the horse's head or you see its rear. XD

  3. I have no idea about horses, but I love this post xD

    1. Ha! I FINALLY was able to write a WWYK post that people could actually use! Yay! *throws confetti*

  4. Why is that horse movie plot so true?? XD

    1. At some point there needs to be a movie where the girl climbs into the pen with the wild horse "because I can train it! It loves me! We both have wild hearts!" and almost dies and then her dad finds her and is like "No, you idiot." and they proceed to train the horse TOGETHER.

  5. Oooh I love horses, and this is an awesome post.

    1. That's amazing. I didn't know you were a horse person!

  6. Oh wow hahahaha I love this post so darn much. I'm a horse girl but sadly never been able to be an equestrian. It was my childhood dream growing up though. I took a few chill riding lessons once, just for fun. I found out I'm really allergic to horses xD So the natural thing to do: I took a few more lessons, then finally resigned myself to knowing everything possible from afar xD. So yeah, I loved this post a lot xD

    also hi hello you have a cool blog :)

    -Caroline from carolinemeek.blogspot.com

    1. Hi! *waves*

      Your blog (because if you commented, of course I am going to go stalk your blog) is GORGEOUS and *gasp* you love stars too? Do you have a favorite constellation?