My Favorite Things To Do In Winter

 Hey! It's winter now! Here are some of my favorite things to do during the white death  festive season of joy!
  • Sit under 3 million blankets and scowl out the window
  • Shiver and chatter my teeth
  • Have my tea cool down the second I set it down and I have to reheat it a zillion times a day
  • Look up tickets to (warm place)
  • Walk around like Lady Macbeth, rubbing my hands together muttering "They'll never be warm"
  • Look out the window once and say, "Wow. The snow looks beautiful today." Take a picture of it and then go back to hoping it was summer 
  • Make a list of warm places I could live after I graduate
  • Kick myself for choosing a college that was even further north then I am now
  • Steal all the warm blankets in the house
  • Go through an entire 50 Teabag box of Earl Grey tea. In a month. By myself. (And that is WITH me drinking coffee, hot chocolate, warm cider and the hot blood of my enemies on some days)
  • Wear through my socks quickly because I wear them 24/7
  • Sit by the fire and knit a scarf to add to the three I am already wearing around my neck and the ones wrapped around my calves and arms.
  • Find a warm sunbeam and sit in it. It is not as warm and cozy as it would be any other time of the year, but it will do
  • belt out Christmas songs
  • Try to learn some song on my viola
  • Watch Christmas movies
  • Watch basically ANY movie, since I'm stuck inside all day
  • Try and write a cutesy blog post about NICE things that happen in winter and just making it a passive-aggressive rant instead.




  1. I've never thought of drinking the blood of my enemies when its warm. I usually drink it cold. Hmm... XD

    This was an awesome post. If you're looking for a place that's mostly warm, Texas hardly ever gets snow and it is usually mild weather. Right now its cold, but probably not compared to where you live now. Cold for me is the 50 degree weather. XD

    All kidding aside, this post was hilarious and I smiled through pretty much all of it. XD

    1. Cold blood is the worst...You need to try it warm.

      I am so jealous right now. We just had a 40 degree day and everyone was so excited because IT WAS WARM! And you're just like, "Yeah, 50 is about as nippy as it gets..."

      If a cold blogger shows up on your doorstep, its me.

    2. I just assumed you had to drink it cold. I will try it warm.

      Well, the mornings are in the freezing temps, but the highs are in the upper 40's and 50's, mostly 60's.

      Oh, that's who that person covered in frost was. XD

  2. Awesome post, Mary Katherine!:)
    I like the walking around like Lady Macbeth rubbing your hands together while muttering: "They'll never be warm".

    1. And they never shall. I am left with the choice: leave my hands in my pockets and keep them warm or type.
      The sacrifices we writers make for our craft

  3. OH MY GOSH - This is how I spend my winter too!!! I can't stand it, it's just TOO COLD.


    1. Cold BLEH.

      And you know what really annoys me? The sky is super clear and I can see all the stars, but its too cold for me to actually stargaze, so now I only know constellations that appear in Summer or Fall.

  4. "Walk around like Lady Macbeth, rubbing my hands together muttering "They'll never be warm"" LOL YES.

    Today I made a blanket nest of FIVE blankets, so I guess I could say winter is going pretty tolerably.

    1. Blanket nests are the only way we survive. I walk around with one like a cape 90% of the time.