18 Things I Want To Do In 2018

So I did my WRITER goals for 2018 on Tuesday, but wait! There's more!

Goal #1: Learn to dance

More specifically ballroom, swing and latin dancing.

Goal #2: Brush up on my sign language...maybe become fluent? 

I know some american sign language, but I don't really use it a lot and I've forgotten some of it...I think if I practice enough, learn a few words every day and talk to deaf people I should be able to do it. After all, a year is a long time...I hope.

Goal #3: Start learning a new language. 

I know some ASL and a bit of Latin, but I want to start learning something new.

Goal #4: Get that 5k in!

Meaning the race, not 5k words. That's like....a day and a half's writing for me.

Goal #5: Try at least 2 new foods. 

I'm thinking Moon Cakes (China) sound AMAZING.

And probably Pavlova (Australia and New Zealand.)

And basically anything I can get my hands on....

Goal #6: Start lifting 

I want to start lifting weights in college (because I will have so much free time.), but I also want to know that I have the right form so that when some handsy college guy walks over to help me. I If I KNOW I have the right form, that changes things. If I don't....then I don't know if he's being creepy or if he actually wants to help

(That was depressing)

Goal #7: Go on an overnight hike

As in, if I want anything, I have to carry it. Sounds fun right?

Goal #8: Grow my hair out

My hair is currently about 2 inches about my shoulder and I. can't. do. anything. with. it. and. it. is. driving. me. crazy.

Goal #9: Become more flexible

I am about as flexible as an uncooked pasta noodle

Goal #10: Become a morning person!

Current behavior: *hisses at light, ninja kicks alarm clock through the wall, pulls down the drapes, snuggles into blankets, stumbles around like a dead person until the 5th cup of coffee*

Goal #11: Replace my entire wardrobe with clothes I actually like

I'm moving out, so it should be the perfect time to purge old clothes. And I like 80% of my clothes anyway.

Goal #12: Pull an all nighter

You just know this is going to happen next November. An all nighter on November first? YAS.

Or while I'm studying for a test :(

Goal #13: Go indoor rock climbing

Sounds like fun! I will probably die!

Goal #14: Learn to fence!

*stabby stabby*

Oh dear. I've run out of things to do....quick! make something up!

Goal #15: Break a bad habit!

Like starting posts like this without thinking through it all the way.

Goal #16: Spend less time on the internet

Goal #18: Trick people less and stop using cheat-y ways to get around things! 

Also, what can I say? Slytherin!
 -Mary Kate


    1. Awesome goals! Long hair is great, but it can be high maintenance. Also, I lift weights and it is super fun. It's nice to know when you're getting stronger. I can't recommend Fitness Blender enough! They're on YouTube and they're amazing! I use them for most of my workouts, except for yoga. They talk about form all the time, so you shouldn't have to worry about handsy guys. XD

      Great post! <3

      Ivie Writes

      1. I have never heard of Fitness Blender...I'll look it up. (My main goal was to force my older brother to teach me.)

    2. Weight lifting is awesome. Running is awesome. Flexibility is awesome. Trying new foods is awesome. Learning new languages is awesome. Basically, all of your goals are awesome.

      If you're worried about creepy guys, just carry a knife at your side. Tell them that if they want to exercise their jaws, they can talk to your knife. Then, with a fabulous hair flip, you can go right back to being a lady beast. I always run with a knife when I'm on trails without my brother (he's much faster than I am, so he's usually way ahead of me and thus not helpful in the event of an attack). Not that I've ever had a problem. But still. It sets my parents' minds at ease.

      I'm being mildly sarcastic here, but... it's not honestly a bad idea. If your gym allows it, that is. Otherwise, headphones are a good alternative, but unfortunately, they don't hold a fear factor like knives.

      1. I'm not so much WORRIED that it'll happen, as I am aware that it could happen and I want to be prepared.

        I actually DO carry a knife and it is a very pretty knife. It does not have any sort of assisted opening, but my brothers/dad taught me how to snap it open. (For coolness/intimidation factor)

        Though I could defend myself before the knife...so I might just do hand to hand anyways (if there was a need)

        Mainly, I just want to know if they are actually trying to be helpful or not...If they're not, we'll go with the sassy hair flip.

        That or I'll just out lift them...

    3. I was wondering when your short hair was going to drive you nuts...that's why I will NEVER chop my hair. Like ever.

      I'd like to learn more Latin one of these days...

      I need to start lifting seriously again and start on flexibility exercises...I'm getting soft just sitting around the house doing projects.

      UGHH, mornings are like that for me too...grad school made me totally switch to being a night person no thanks to my roommate...and I HATE IT.

      All-nighters are soooo not what they are cracked up to be. I've pulled a couple of them and they are AWFUL. Just don't do it for the sake of your sanity....


      *can you teach me fencing when you're done? pretty please???*


      1. It's not so much the short hair as it that fact that the really cute layering in my hair grew out...and so now I HAVE to put it up or style it and before I could just shake it out and go.

        So now that I HAVE to do something with it, I see the number of things I can do quickly and easily are drastically reduced.

        And I will totally teach you fencing. (Assuming I ever learn.)

    4. You can do a 5K!!!! Just walk the uphills, run the flats, and zoom the downhills. You got this. But I have no advice for lifting, because I can't. Wrist problems. But I fully support those who do it because those blokes are awesome

      Don't even mention the amount of clothes I have and don't wear. It's a little embaressing, frankly.

      1. Thank you! Have you run a 5K before?

      2. Lol, yeah. I run a lot, actually, and just ran a 33 mile (50K) a few weeks ago...

        But I remember when I could barely run 2 miles. I /still/ can't run a 5K without stopping for a quick walk every now and then.

        I do enjoy trail running though - highly recommended!

    5. Great goals! Wow lifting sounds hard, I just want to exercise more this year.

      I have had way to many all nighters, but as long as you get in a long nap the next day you should be good.

    6. Oooh, overnight hike. I would love to take one sometime too!

      Lila - The Red-Hooded Writer

      1. I know right? Hiking is so beautiful. Part of me feels like I would pack light and part of me thinks I would carry a ton of camera gear so that I could photograph a ton of stuff. Do you hike?

      2. I know I would pack light. xD

        I like hiking every now and then, but it can never be a super long hike or I might go crazy, and I much prefer a forest trail. :D So yes, I looooove a good hike, but I'm picky about it, lol!

        Gaaah, an overnight hike sounds AMAZING!

    7. Try pavlova!!

      I should try to become a morning person too... and try to get more fit... Rock climbing would be awesome! I've tried it on a wall - it's suPER INTENSE. But fun. And if you do fencing, you MUST write some posts educating us.

      I tagged you for the Rising Author's Tag here, by the way! :)
      - Jem Jones

      1. *aggressively underlines Pavlova on my list*

        But mornings are cold...If I do fencing, I promise to write some posts :)