Awkward and Awesome of being an Anonymous blogger

  • Your dear friend, who you didn't even tell you were blogging, finds your new TOP SECRET blog in under a week
  • Your IRL friend follow you and you forget if they know its you or not...So when they start a google chat with you and say they liked your latest post you say something extremely professional like, "Oh thanks. I love your blog layout by the way." And they're sitting there like...what?
  •  Do you ever do the thing where you accidentally refer to yourself by your first name? You know, like...
    "...and you say to yourself, why. Why [insert real name]?"

    And then you have to go back and delete it and then you sit there staring at it.
    Should I use my pen name? That just sounds weird...
    Should I just use "girl?" That sounds off too
  • But what if you want to use a different name now?


  • Well, if your a weirdo like me, you can be super amused by the fact that googling your own name brings up nothing on you and yet you run a blog that has 10k+ page-views. 
  • Nobody will creepily follow you on the internet and know who you are. (Creep people will still follow your google+ page, they just won't actually know who you are.)
  • You get to pick a new name!
  • Or maybe just use your real name and then just tell people that its a fake name....and then people who know you IRL won't think its you...
  • I started signing off my posts with M.K. since 1.) I am super lazy and 2.) I intend to publish under M.K. [Last name] since those are my real initials...and everyone started calling me MK in the comments...

    And it makes me laugh.

    You guys are the best.
  • The best of both worlds. You're blogging and keeping your personal stuff to yourself!

    -Mary Kate


  1. HAHAHAHA, oh my gosh, I remember Awkward #2 so well.....LOL LOL

    As a fellow "anonymous" blogger, I definitely relate to all of this <3. Except that Lia, you and my family know who I am.

    Awesome post, MK!!


    1. Yep. I was so formal and you were like...What are you doing?

  2. Way too true, MK. And far, far too funny. XD Awkward #5 though, what DO you do? Wish you just picked a better name to start with? Now I'm worried. Help.

    The Awesome . . . I can't pick my favorite! #1 and #3 probably. I've always wanted to rename myself.

    Great post, MK! :D

    Brianna |

    1. I mean, I suppose you could change it...Luckily, Mary Kate is a nick name I already use IRL so its not that weird.

      Awesome #1 amuses me all the time. I'll google myself even though I know nothing will come up. Just so I can laugh.

  3. Psh, I don't type MK because I'm lazy sometimes, too. *looks around suspiciously*

    Awesome post! And I relate to the anonymous blogger thing because I didn't want creeps and certain people from my past to try and make their way into my life when I'm a super famous author. (If I become a super famous author. I want to stay positive. XD)

    I don't actually type my real name when I refer to my real name. I'll say something like:

    Then I tell myself, "Horrible job, {insert my real name here}."

    Thankfully I have yet to slip. I feel like Ivie is just as normal as saying my real name. I don't know if that's healthy, though. I must be a split personality.

    *ominous music* XD

    1. Heehee, being referred to as Catherine all the time online has cemented that name into normalcy for me too, Ivie!! It's actually a good thing - if someone is at your book signing you won't get startled when someone refers to you by your author's name.

    2. I know, right? I have been practicing my pen name signature so I don't write my real name. XD

    3. Ivie, I honestly thought that Ivie WAS your real name.

      But at the same time I kind of feel like I knew that you were using a pen name...

  4. I relate to this a lot as an anonymous blogger myself!

    Although my mom had to tell EVERYONE about my blog, so most of her friends read it... it's weird scrolling through all of your subscribers and you see names from your mom's work-out group popping up.... XD

    I've only three of my real life friends by choice about my blog, one because she was one of my closest friends, the second because his mom was asking me questions about blogging in front of him, so he pestered me to tell him why and now he teases me about it a lot. :P
    And the third because he's a huge geek and I needed help on learning HTML.

    My initials are the same as mine irl too!

  5. Or the awkward moment when you realize the penname you picked is more often a boys name than a girls name....but I like the name and so it stays. :)

    1. I like that you picked something totally unique. When you and Sarah commented on GTW without pictures (I think that was pre-blog days for you) I assumed Julian was a boy's name. But then when you had your blog, I was like, "Am I pronouncing it wrong?"

      But I think it works as both in the neutral name category. It makes you stand out. :D

  6. Oh my word this made me giggle. I used to plan about going under a pen name but I couldn't be bothered to think of something so I'm just Jane Maree. aka my first name and middle name.
    Sometimes I do double takes when I see my last name somewhere online because I go "Wait what--oh yeah...that's my name. haha. Totally didn't forget that." XD

    1. Hey, that's a cool name

      Oh wait. That's my name...Right. I knew that :)

  7. You're never going to get over that, are you?? What can I say, I'm good at finding you. :D :D :D :D


    1. Well, you haven't found my other one so... *shrugs*

  8. Lol, I can't relate to most of these because I don't use a pen name, but they're funny nonetheless.

  9. "...what are you doing, Jem- well that sounds weird." ;P

    (And I didn't know so many of the bloggers commenting here were using pen names?? Gray - Ivie - Catherine - you?? It'd be interesting to hear the reasons teen writers are using pen names - would you say it'd mostly be for privacy/safety?)
    - Jem Jones