Liebester Award Tag//Like My Tag? Thanks, I Stole It.

So I stole this from Catherine at The Rebelling Muse! Catherine (which is her code pen name) is an old fashioned (in the best of ways) blogger who loves J.R.R Tolkien, Celtic Music, Crafts and actual useful things like crocheting, baking, and sewing. And her team just won the Super Bowl. (Woo? I don't know. I'm a basket ball girl.) Anyway, go check out her blog and maybe comment what team you were rooting for during the Super Bowl...

1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the 11 questions they gave you.
3. Name 11 facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 11 bloggers to do this tag, and let them know.
5. Give them 11 questions to answer.

 The 11 Questions About Me:

1. Winter or summer?

I actually did a whole tag on winter! ...and how much I hate it.

2. Gummy snacks or granola bars?

Have you ever tried the sour gummy bears by Harbio?

Other then that I'd go with granola bars. They don't have the tendency to melt all over your car and pockets.

3. What is your favorite mythical creature? 
Probably the Cat Sith? Puca? The harionago? Huli Jing?

Actually its probably the Selkie, from Celtic mythology or...OOH. Kanimas. They're South American shapshifters that take the form of a jaguar and kill murders.

4. Favorite brand of car? 
Brand?  I'm not sure but I like Chevy Impalas from 1968, 69, and 70. (But not the fast backs.) And the first car I ever drove was a Chevy pickup... so lets go with that.

5. If you could own any baby animal for a pet, what would it be? 
Do you mean have an animal that would be a baby forever or get a pet that was a baby?

Because I have had (owned) kittens, puppies, a new born filly, a yearling colt, chicks, ducklings, and a lot of calves. But the kittens are always the most fun.

6. Favorite activity to do during winter? 
Snow ball sneak attacks.

7. Would you prefer flowers, candy or dinner during Valentine's Day? 
Well, dinner sounds like a pain. It'd be so crowded. I would appreciate the thought behind the flowers or candy, but I'm not wild about either one. In all honestly, I'd like something unique.

8. Favorite sports team? 
Kansas Jayhawks from Kansas University's Basketball team

9. Favorite king of meat? 

10. If you could own any kind of business, what would it be? 

A world traveling troop of acrobats and horse masters who would do amazing tricks on horse back as they ride through flames and over jumps and I'd just be sitting there in the stands like...I can't do any of this.

11. What is one skill or hobby that you've always wanted to pursue? 

Ballroom dance, SCUBA diving, world traveling considered a hobby?

The 11 Facts About Me: 

1. I crochet and knit (though rather badly)
2. I like non-fiction books, especially military based ones
3. I play viola and can play piano.
4. I'm a photographer
5. My favorite book genres are fantasy and non fiction
6. My favorite genres to write are fantasy and contemporary. The fantasy tend to by Fairy Tale rewrites, but not all of them are.
7. My favorite movie genres are Action (especially spy/military) and Documentaries.
8. I'm an INTJ
9. And a Capricorn
10. And I'm running out of things to say
11. Oh well, you probably got bored an left by now anyways

The 11 Bloggers:

1.  Gray @ Writing is Life
2. Natasha @ The Natasha Hart
3. The Florid Sword @ The Writer's Song
4. Lila Kims from The Red-Hooded Writer
5. D.G Snapper @ Silver Phoenix
6. The Author @ No End of Books
7. Ivie @ Ivie Writes
8. Liliah @ The Singing Writer
9. *super long name that I didn't write down for the second time* @ A Looong Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away
10. Skye @ Ink Castles
11. Anyone else who wants to do this tag

The 11 Questions:

1. Do you have a favorite constellation?
2. Last time you laughed?
3. Favorite book genre
4. Favorite movie genre
5. Favorite hot drink and how did you like it prepared?
6. Last book you read?
7. Last movie you watched?
8. Favorite post you ever wrote?
9. Favorite author?
10. Favorite mythical creature?
11. What would your ideal St. Valentine's day gift be?

-Mary Kate


  1. I already did this, but thanks for the nomination anyway. :D
    Haha, stealing tags is the best. XD
    I am going to answer one of your questions and say my favorite mythical creature is a... *drum roll*

    Dragon. Shocker. XD

    Great post. :D

  2. Oooh...Don't worry, Mary Kate. Your secret is safe with me... (well maybe the secret isn't safe it is on the internet, after all!:)) But I will keep it safe. Anyway I loved reading your answers to the questions!:)

    1. Nothing is safe on the internet. Just the other day I saw a recipe for a copycat frosty and thought "HAVE YOU NO LIMITS,INTERNET? IS NOTHING SAFE FROM YOU?"

  3. Awww, thank you for the shout out, MK!! I dearly loved reading this tag!

    I've never had the sour gummy bears, but I would dearly love too. I'm totally a gummy person ( I had to switch to granola bars when I had braces, it was not fun).

    Heehee, haven't heard of half of these mythical beasts. Must go searching them up sometime.

    Oohhh yessss sneak attack with snow balls are FUN!

    Ooo, haven't had duck in a long , but I do like it :)

    Yes, world travel is a hobby (albeit an expensive one)

    I love documentaries too, particularly history ones. What are your favorites?


    1. I'll watch basically any documentary on anything. I like learning about random facts...sharks, Pompeii, How you make water bottles...


  4. Lol, you're hilarious....I hate winter too, though...

    My favorite car is a Chevy Avalanche (which my brother can not understand why I like it), though I currently drive an old Ford truck with brakes that don't work half the time (I literally use the brakes on the horse trailer to slow us down, lol). And don't even get me started on kittens <-the best!!!

    1. Winter is horrid. SO glad its FINALLY over.

      Towing a trailer with a car that has bad breaks is something I have yet to experience...Though I have had a few freaky rides.

  5. Selkies are intriguing, but I think water kelpies are too. (But they've had a book kind-of based on them, whereas I've never read anything about selkies.) Kanimas sound fascinating too (I was going to say they sound slightly murderous, but hey, kelpies aren't as picky as them about who they kill).

    Those are the same genres as I write! :D (We always need more fairy tale retellings ;)

    The last time I laughed - well, it would be right now. I'm sitting at the library on my laptop and there's three pre-teen boys sitting further down. I gave them a few 'looks' because they were swearing (loudly), and then they started hissing at each other "She's studying! Stop being so lOUD". Which is kind of cute when they're telling each other they're typing too noisily... (that's when I laughed out loud...) but they haven't cut down on the swearing. So. :/
    - Jem Jones

    1. Are we talking about Scorpio Races or is there another book with Kelpies?

      I have this cool idea for a modern Selkie story...but its just a plot bunny at the time. One I don't have time to chase. *sigh*

    2. Scorpio Races, yep. (But I'd be up for another book about kelpies. Possibly ones that could shapeshift into people.)

      Aw, no! If only our plot bunnies would write themselves (the exact way they look in our head), right??

    3. And then eat the people? Because I would read that.

  6. Thanks for the tag! Love your questions.
    We had duck not too long ago, it was really good.

  7. Haha xD I actually never did the one you originally tagged me for...but I shall do this one!