The Seven-Seven-Seven-Seven Challange!

Ah, the 7-7-7-7 Challenge!

 It's fairly simple...You flip to the seventh page of your WIP, count down to the seventh line and share the next seven pages! (Or share the next paragraph, because you're a snippet hording dragon.)

And then you share it with seven people.

7 number one= Seventh page
7 number two=Seventh line
7 number three=Seven paragraphs
7 number four=Seven peoples


I tag!

(why the exclamation points? Shame MK. Shame.)

1. Skye @ Ink Castle, because she's writing more from the universe of Falling Snow and I NEED IT! (That's what you get for letting me beta read Falling Snow. A note: If I ever offer to Beta Read for you, just spit in my eye.)

2. Julian @ Saver of Memories, because she said in her January Highlights post that she was almost done with her FIRST DRAFT! AND THERE'S A DRAMATIC END BATTLE! And probably horses and weapons and I like.

3. Quin Ley @ Adventure Awaits. She's writing a really cool story that combines the Fantasy genre (which I LOVE) and Mystery and I can't wait to read it.

4. Liliah @ Musical Writings, because she just posted a super depressing song and WHY? (She should give us some more depressing songs...)

5. Catherine @ The Rebelling Muse, because she sent me snippets and rudely didn't send me EVERYTHING. And guess what I want? EVERYTHING!

6. Cait @ Paperfury, because her debut novel is being published this summer and ohmygosh, does that mean she's a "Grownup" author and can't play with us anymore when she's published?

7. And you person, who I have forgotten because I have the mind of a goldfish and you, person who would like to have this tag and will probably steal it anyways!  

Naturally, my snippet is coming from my current WIP Twelve Golden Windows, which is based off of the Grimm Brothers' lesser  known story, The Starfish. And its set in a fantasy world based of ancient Persia!

So, small intro to this random snippet. In my story there is one of those cheery "compete for the princess's hand and if you fail, DIE!" and I thought, honestly. WHY WOULD SOMEONE RISK IT? DO THEY JUST WALK UP AND BE LIKE, "Oh, I'm the 100th person and everyone else died. But hey, she's kind of cute so yeah. Lets do this."


So Karin (which is a tradition Arabic guy name apparently, but super confusing to all my friends since it's primarily a girls name over here...) 

Anyway, Karin here is a thief and a habitual liar.  Fun right? He rides into town to try their legendary wines and steal some stuff before scooting back out into the desert. Solid plan, right? But he accidentally says something suspicious in front of the Captain of the Guard and when he is mockingly asked if he's there for the contest he says yes. EVEN THOUGH HE HAS NO BLOODY IDEA WHAT THE CONTEST IS. Because they doubted he could do it, so he's gonna do it.

The wet shirt is from his horse drooling on him after it had a drink of water, because that's what horses do.

“What’s this? A thief?”
“What makes you think I’m a thief?” Karin demanded, trying to look dignified with his dust colored gear and wet shirt. “I’m traveling.”
“What brings you to our city then?” The Captain asked with a mocking smile. “The princess’s challenge?”

And Karin, who never was very good at telling the truth or listening to people underestimate him and who had also never heard of the princess’s challenge before, said, “Yes. Why? What makes you think I’m not?”

The Captain and his guards laughed.
“Very well,” the captain said, obviously not believing him, “Let us escort you to the Palace then. It would be our honor.”
“Thank you.” Karin said politely, his nose still up in the air. He swung up into the saddle and as he settled into the saddle. His horse turned around to glare at him, angry that it wasn’t done for the day. Karin ignored her and gestured with one hand. “Lead the way.”
The guards hesitated, as if wondering if they should waste their time seeing how far he would go. And then they seemed to mentally shrug and fell into formation around him. 

So what did you think? I suggest you steal this  tag and then force tag your friends so they have to show you what they're doing can join in the fun!

-Mary Kate


  1. Great snippet. This book sounds amazing!!! And this tag is so mean. *prays I don't get tagged*

    I really don't want to share snippets, lol. Not yet, anyway. XD *turns to Julian, Catherine, and Liliah* I'm watching you. XD

    Anyway, I must go. I'm making plans of conquering the world. XD

    ~Ivie|Ivie Writes

    1. Of course you'll get tagged, Ivie.
      *batman voice*
      There is no escaping it

    2. Haha, I know. Hopefully whatever snippet I land on will be okay or one I already shared, lol. XD I've shared a few.

    3. Ha. I already shared half of this post in the past so *shrug* I didn't mind this tag too much.

  2. Yes, Jules should definitely do this one!!!

    Your snippet is hilarious!! I love his snark.

    1. He's so much fun to write. Glad you liked the snippet!

  3. THIS IS COOL!!!!

    My post should be on the 21st, since I'm trying stick to an every Wednesday schedule, at least for a while.

    But seriously, Karin sounds absolutely awesome!!! I love how he is just like "What makes you think I'm not?" and you just /know/ he's thinking....I have no idea what's going on... XD

    1. I'll be watching for your post :)

      You'd think after he gets himself onto that much trouble that he'd stop opening his big fat mouth, but nope.

  4. Thank you so much for tagging me, Mary Katherine!:) By the way I love your snippet!:)

    1. I'm glad you liked it! I can't wait to see your snippet!

  5. Karin is hilarious and I already love him! Thanks for tagging me, glad you are excited to see more from the Falling Snow universe. I would let you beta read for me anytime. :)

  6. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH I don't have a WIP...... unless you want me to share one of the songs i'm working on :D


  7. I saw this post this morning and haven't had a chance to comment on it until now.

    Did I ever mention that you are hilariously sadistic at times, MK?! You know I have about 12 tag posts that I have write in the next month or so, and yet you drop this little gem in my lap....

    I'm afraid, my dear, that unless you want to be absolutely spoiled, I won't be able to share EVERYTHING. the disadvantages of writing the ending first....

    However, I can probably share a few snippets that you haven't seen before...LOL.


    1. You're welcome. I knew you'd like it.

    2. And of course I want to be absolutely spoiled.

    3. Hmmm...I'll see what I can do. Can't give it all away, I have to save some for the Shared WIP tag next month. I don't even think I HAVE seven pages (even in the full version) for The White Rose, but we'll see what I can pull out of the hat (or draft in this case).

    4. Pick your SEVENTH project and make it the 7-7-7-7-7 Challenge

  8. (I'm a little late, but we'll ignore that.)

    I love this! I want to read it now! :D (And yeah, might steal this tag. XD)

    Snaps |

  9. Oooh I loved that little intro to your book!! (Also I really like the name Karin?! And I love thieves so YES TO ALL OF THIS.) And omg I hope I can still play with everyone and don't have to sit at the big grown ups table, I'M NOT READY FOR THAT, DON'T MAKE ME GO. *clings to the sprinkles and glitter with you all* πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. Don't worry, we wont make you go.

      BTW I thought of a solution to the "I am now a published author, but I still like writing book reviews" problem.
      Start another blog called Paper Flurry.

      No one will ever suspect