How to Schedule Your Posts Far Into The Furture Like A Crazy

As of today, I have all of my posts scheduled out until the end of June. (Which is when I take my little summer hiatus for the month of July.)

And I have a good deal of them written. 

So why am I so far behind on reading other peoples' blogs? That is a very good question, when I figure out the answer  I'll get back to you.

 So, if you want to be as crazy as me and plot out everything your going to post for an excessive time into the future, read on my student. Read on. 

If you really couldn't care less or like doing it how you're doing it, just scroll down to the bottom and comment. "Oh. I liked it so much. Super helpful. Ta." 

Step #1: WHEN are you going to post?

If you're scheduling, you need to decide how often you're going to be publishing posts. Twice a week? Once a week? Every other week? What days? 

Got that? 

Now whip out your calendar and write down all those dates. Leave room beside them so you can come back and fill them in with titles or post descriptions. 

Step #2: WHAT are you going to post?

Make a list of the TYPES of posts you usually post/want to post. Book Review, Snippet/Story Update, Life Update, Month Recap, etc. Write them all down. 

[You can also take your categories and sub-categorize them or make lists of possible post ideas. For a pros and cons you could write: 
Pros and Cons: Self Publishing, Eating While Reading, Using Books As Personal Defense Weapons, Selling off Siblings/Friends To Buy More Books, etc]

 You should also consider tags. I post every Tuesday and Thursday, but I leave Saturday for tags and any rare extra posts that I need to fit in.

 Step #3: Add Important Dates/Seasons

NaNoWriMo coming up? Mother's Day? Memorial Day? Make a note of the dates closest to the event. It could just be "Memorial Day" or something more detailed like "Mem. Day: List of Non-Fiction Military Books"

Step #4: Link Ups? 
Do you do link ups like Top Ten Tuesday or Beautiful People? Well, ink those in. 

Step #5: Fill It In

Go back through your list and fill in the empty dates with post ideas from the list you made in step 2. 
Start with things that need to go up around a certain time (Monthly Recaps, for example) and then fill in as you go. I personally try to not have post types happen right after each other...but it depends. For example, I don't want to do two Write What You Know Posts, (the ones where I pretend I know stuff and that that stuff would be helpful to writers) but I WOULD do two book reviews back to back. 

 I would suggest leaving some posts blank or not planned out in TOO much detail because...girl. By the time you get to May, you MIGHT want to do something else. 

Be flexible. 

And get writing. 




  1. I can't schedule that far ahead or I would go crazy with ideas for posts that wouldn't relevant by the time I posted them. But I do try to plan my month out with posts so I'm not binge-writing up a post at the very last minute. XD

    ~Ivie| Ivie Writes

    1. Ha. I tend to schedule them too far in advance and them bump some out of the way to make way for new ones...

  2. This would not work for me. At all. I cannot plan that far ahead - I am a pantser through and through. But I'm glad there are people like you in the world who can be this organized!


    1. I wish I could write off the cuff :)
      I thought I was a panster for awhile...and then I tried plotting and I was like THIS! THIS IS WHAT I LIKE!

  3. I'm a plantster. Honestly, most of my posts are rather spontaneous and influenced by the here and now, and what other bloggers are up to. So scheduling months out is almost impossible for me too. I'll ink things in (tags especially), but everything else just springs out of the head.

    Your post is awesome though, MK!


    1. And yet your posts are always so nice! If I did it like that, the blog would slowly deteriorate into mindless babble.

      Or wait? Is that what it is now?

  4. I actually do plan my posts beforehand, though I don't auto-post (I'm too paranoid that it won't actually work; so I publish by hand). And I do the whole write out the dates, enter in titles and stuff...that's what bullet journals are for, right??? But I do sometimes do random things...

    1. I'm super paranoid about my posts too. I schedule them so that they all go up at the same time. And then I check them that morning.

      YAY! Someone else who's a plotter! I'm not alone!

  5. I needed these, I have been trying to do this and failing, most of my posts are written at midnight in a blind frenzy and I'm over it. Going to try these!


  7. I am so bad at blogging. My "schedule" is posts during a month has to be a multiple of three. Yes, that is so weird. I am going to start to schedule, so this is helpful.

    Anyway, Hi! I'm MovieCritic! Thank you so much for following my blog! I came to check yours out and ended up following because your blog is awesome! :D

    1. Hey! (I'd actually been reading your blog for awhile, I just somehow managed to forget to follow you...)