Seventeen Facts About Me Tag....By Proxy

A few days ago Lia from The Singing Writer completed a tag. The Seventeen Facts About Me Tag. And by "Lia" I mean me and Catherine from the Rebelling Muse wrote out sixteen of the seventeen questions. And since apparently we're the kind of cute friends who share posts and tags, Lia and I will be writing out Catherine's questions (save one) and *shudders* they will each be writing eight facts about me.

I'm scared...

But should I be? No. Because I have full editing power! *evil laugh*
And being myself, I decided to leave their answers just as they are and add my own commentary!
And by "commentary" I mean Sarcastic Commentary! Because, well, its me.

Going into this I AM kind of regretting the dentist biting bit at the end of Lia's post...

1. I once got Cotton Eye Joe stuck in my head and proceeded to drive all of my friends insane

Catherine's Answers!

2. She is obsessed with spy and military shows and books

Who me? I ask before regaling you for hours on the history of the OSS and this story about some random British soldier who charged into battle in WWII with a long-sword and a kilt. 

3. She has a thing for trucks.

Kat from Catholic Girl Stuff would feel my pain. She and I share a common bad habit...checking out trucks. 
Imagine this: As you walk through grocery parking lots, you see a pickup. So naturally, you stare at the pickup. You know, walking in a straight line as your head pivots to stay facing toward the truck? And the bed is sticking out, so that's what you see first. Full length bed? Check. Dually? Check. Good paint/no rust? Check! And just about the time you look up by the cab (to see if they have a scented flip flop or something crazy) you notice the driver. The driver who tends to be a young man. Who is watching you with an amused expression on their stupid smug little face.

4. She lives on a farm with cattle, cats, chickens, three horses and lots of trees.

 *weak cheer* super personal information. NOW THEY CAN TRACK ME TO MY HOME AND KILL ME.

5. She likes basketball better then any other professional sport.

Technically, I don't follow any professional sport...since I follow college basket ball. 

6. She is a fan of period drama. (Shocking! LOL)

Sort of? I like Pride and Prejudice and North and South...And Emma Approved, but that doesn't really count as a period drama...And I guess I like anything that's done well.

7. She can't stand being shown up. By anybody. In particular, teenage boys.

 Is that a surprise to anyone?

8. If she were an animal, she would be a cat. Without a doubt.

Meow. *rips down your curtains*

9. She is obsessed with British things. (British tea, British candy, etc...)

British TV shows, British insults...despite the fact that every time I try and spell British is comes out as Bristih

Lia's Answers!

10. Coffee is her life. Also Earl Gray Tea.

Sort of? I love coffee, but I deliberately switch between coffee, tea and having no hot drink at all. That way I don't get "addicted" to it.  But I would consider having to depend on something (or even someone) as weakness.

11. "Bloody Hell" is her catchphrase.

Aw. You know me so well. (Maybe because it is often use in emails...and phone calls...)

12. She likes sending prank emails from my account.

It was one time. And I suppose that other time too. Ok, yeah.

13. "I was bored" is how she starts almost every sentence.

To be specific, I start stories of awful events with "I was bored so..." Not literally every sentence.

14. If she was a fictional character, she would most definitely be Bex Baxter from the Gallagher Girls

Except neither black nor sixteen nor British nor a spy

15. She is constantly wears these cute boots with a three inch heel.

They are adorable. And I can outrun people in them. 

16. Awkward and funny typos are her specialty.

They're only awkward is you let them be.

And now, because somehow we miscounted, a BONUS FACT BY ME!

17. I can insult people in ASL, French, English, English (British), English (Irish), English (Southern), and Spanish.

 And I know a guy whose learning Russian, so I'm working on that just for him. Don't you feel loved? 

So what did you think? Are you very scared?


  1. Okay, I start sentences with, "I got bored," when I find something out that will be scarring. And I usually tell my mom so I'm not the only one scarred by it. XD XD

    This is hilarious. I LOVE TRUCKS! I want a pickup, but I think I might get something else for the first truck. Unless I find a good deal. I want to buy my first vehicle myself.

    I know how to insult people in Southern because I am southern.

    Bless your heart. That one line holds a lot of meaning. XD XD

    Anyway, awesome post!


    1. "Bless your heart" is my favorite :)
      And "Well, isn't that just nice?"

    2. Haha, I think I've mostly heard Bless your heart, but the others are really good, too. Bless your heart has many layers, as per this video. XD

      I get a kick out of it when people call southerners rednecks. That's a badge of honor. XD

    3. Oh and there's this. It's not insults, but it's accurate. XD


    And no, not scared at all. Why would you think that?


  3. Hilarious! I enjoyed reading many times you never know what a blogger is actually like until you hear those little things that make them who they are.

    And now I'll stop my blabber-blabber of a run-on sentence. *phew* It's stressful stuff commenting on an author's blog, lol!

    God bless!


    1. I'm so glad you liked it!

      I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who gets super stressed when commenting. And I've been blogging for over two years!

  4. Daaw. You mentioned me!


    Seriously, these facts are really cool and your commentary is AWESOME. Loved it!!!

    1. I should be sorry that I scared you, but I am very very pleased.

      And thank you! I couldn't resist the commentary and Catherine and Lia kind of gave me the "Really Mk? Really?" but I know they expected something like this...

  6. Bloody hell, is my favorite thing to say. I am also obsessed with all things british. I thought the truck thing was hilarious! XD

    1. Have you ever had a Chrunchie? They are my #1 favorite British candy bar. (Possible a Flake...)And Vimto...

      The truck thing is less of a problem now. Not that I don't do it, but I'm a bit more chill when the awkward eye contact happens :p

  7. If I were an animal, I'd definitely be a cat too. Yep, definitely.

    1. That's because cat-people are the best people :)

  8. The truck thing yes yes yes I know the pain!!! I actually didn't buy a truck for my first car (but I did get a 4WD SUV, so that's close) because I wanted something cheap and inexpensive and used. But I drive the farm truck all the time, and love showing it off. :)


    1. I probably won't buy a truck for my first car either...But I certainly will own one at some point in my life.

      I knowing me, I'll drive past guys with the "better then you" attitude.