The Early Writing Tag

 Do you ever do the thing where you're happily reading a tag and then see you're one of the people who was tagged and just...why?

I was tagged by Lilah from The Singing Writer! Lilah is an amazing person who writes song lyrics! And some of them are super sad, like this one. It's beautiful. And makes me sad.
 And then there's this one, which she posted recently about DEAD SOLDIERS. I'M SORRY? DID YOU KNOW I CRY OVER SOLDIER SONG? 'CAUSE I DO! AND LIA KNOWS THIS. SHE KNOWS THIS. 
I know. I basically never cry. The ol' peepers are all dried up. But soldier songs...
So don't listen to her when she says she's nice now.  
And I mean, look at this...

"I don't like murder as much now, thank goodness." -Lilah from the Early Writing Tag//You Know What You Did Catherine

As much? 


I think we should be very, VERY scared. 


1. Thank the person who tagged you (Never. I refuse.)
2. Answer the 2 questions. (But I don't wanna)
3. Tag 5 Other Bloggers (Spread the pain around)

The Questions:
What horrendous book(s) did you write as a child?
What did you learn from it? 

Basically every book I ever wrote before last summer: 

What I learned: 

#1: If you want to write, you have to write. I have so many stories that are only a couple pages long or a couple chapters at most because I got bored and lost interest.

If you want to write THEN KEEP WRITING. Don't start writing a book until you've thought it out. If you're an pantser, then do...whatever you do before you write. But make sure its a book that you want to write. AND THEN FORCE YOURSELF TO STICK TO IT.

You got plot bunnies? Good for you. Let them alone. After a while they'll grow a little bigger, into something you can actually use and THEN you can take a moment to WRITE DOWN your plot idea. NOT to drop your old story and start a new one.

Don't let yourself quit until you finish the first draft. Decide you don't like it? Fine. Don't write a second draft. But don't quit mid-draft.

#2: Girl, all your characters from your old horse stories are the same people with semi-different names. Not that it really mattered, because I never finished any of those stories, but...

And I know you ACTUALLY just like reading these posts for the really freaky old snippets. So here. This is from some really old story written on a scrap of paper and squirrled away. I basically wrote 2 kinds of stories...Girl trains horse and goes to big show and wins *gasp* AKA the plot of 95% of all horse movies ever OR Princess has to deal with suitors.

"She had spent the whole day on the throne talking to suitors and saying nothing but no and goodbye all day long. It was exhausting."

And I tag...

The first 5 people to comment, excluding myself and anyone who has done this tag within the last year.

*Cue no comments at all*

-Mary Kate


  1. I HAVE COMMENTED!!! Wow, that was some major shade at the beginning but also a plug for my songs so thanks! And i'm sorry I made you cry. *hugs*

    Murder!!!!! *slinks away into the shadows*


  2. I have already been tagged so I can safely comment. That's one thing I never wrote was horse stories I was to busy rewriting Lord of the Rings.

    1. I think that's how we all started...plagiarism. :P

  3. Yay, I can safely comment!! Feels good. XD

    Great post, btw. XD


    1. Have you done it already or just been tagged for it?

  4. I loved reading your answers, Mary Kate!:)

    1. P.S. Wait! *looks at the amount of comments* I think I just got tagged.

  5. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE. I did this tag about....six months or so ago... and I'm the one who tagged Lia, so we're all good.

    Seriously though, awesome answers :)


    1. I should have done a more confusing, sneakily worded tagging but I was lazy...