Twelve Golden Windows- Nawa, Kali, & Daliah

It is time to introduce you to three of my favorite characters from my WIP Twelve Golden Windows. 

And yes...its the ladies-in-waiting Kali, Nawa, & Dalia
 An interesting thing about the three ladies and the princess: together they form the 4 Hogwarts houses. Whoo.  


Kali: An African name meaning Energetic
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor 
[Tries crazy new things without really thinking things through. Always ready for a new adventure. NO IMPULSE CONTROL.]

Kali sighed dramatically and started to ooze out of her chair in a very un-lady like fashion. 
“I suppose I’ll have to cancel our session with the dress maker again?”


Nawa: An Egyptian name meaning Storm
Hogwarts House: Slytherin. 
[The princess's eyes and ears in the palace. Knows all the gossip and where the best bakeries in town are. Suggests killing people when they get even slightly annoying. Would probably do it too...]

[Conversation between Nawa and Karin]

“She’s still missing a diamond decanter.”
“I’ll never talk.”
“A lot of guys say that.”
Karin smirked. “I am immune to feminine charms.”
“I was actually thinking slowly slicing you open and putting salt and hot peppers in your guts and then stitching you back up and watching you writhe in pain.”
“Hmm." Karin hummed. "Not so immune to that.” 


Dalia: An Arabic name meaning Flower 
(I am 95% sure that it is in fact just the flower Dahlia...but *shrugs*) 
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff 

[The calm voice of reason that keeps everything running smoothly. "Would you like some tea?" Always speaks in super soft voice no matter what is happen. Extremely sweet, but DON'T MESS WITH HER FAM. OR SHE'LL COME AFTER YOU AND YOU WILL DIE.]

Kali looked up with a start from where she was going through his clothes, but Dalia continued to demurely look through the small desk. Behind them, a very drugged Karin snored loudly.
“Farida.” She said in the same soft tone she always used. “What are you doing in the West Wing? I thought it gave you a headache.”

Mary Kate


  1. oh cool!!! I love all the snippets, MK!


  2. Karin... although you didn't give him a snippet, sounds hilarious.

    And they're all cool.

    *also wants to do snippets now*

  3. The snark in some of these is amazing. XD

    Great job!

  4. Oh these guys are awesome! I love them!
    Especially Nawa :)

    1. Thanks Sky! I can't wait to share more snippets for them...they're so much fun to write.