Write What You Know: Knife Throwing

Apparently, you all liked my last Write What You Know Post which was on Archery...Which I guess means I should just be myself more...my violent self.

  • Throwing knifes tend to be one piece of metal cut in a streamlined shape. So the handle is made out of the same metal the blade is. One big chunk of metal. No wooden or plastic handles...Because that would mess with the balance.
  • It is not sharp. The point is...pointy. So it'll stick into things when thrown and I suppose you could stab someone, but its not for cutting.
  • For the most part, people throw actual throwing knives. And that's because they're weighted for throwing. Kitchen knives, folding knives, etc have a handle. A comfy handle. But that comfy handle makes the butt end of the knife HEAVY.  And when you try and throw it, it flies funny
  • There are two main different ways to throw a knife. The first one is when you SPIN the knife and...get lucky, I guess? (For all you Ranger's Apprentice people, this is how Will learns to throw knives.)
  • I don't like that way though, since its less accurate. How do I throw a knife? Well,

    1. You put your middle finger or your index finger (I use my index finger) on the spine of the knife. (The un-sharp edge). Your thumb should be resting on the flat side of the handle.

    2. Bring your hand back straight (Elbow at a 90 degree angle) and then draw your hand back. To throw, you release the knife in the slinging motion by snapping you wrist out toward your target. (And moving your forearm down, naturally.)

    #1. If you chip bark off a tree all the way around it in a ring, it will die.
    #2: Live trees are very bouncy and supple. The knife is probably not going to stick, which means it'll bounce. And there is a pretty good chance that it'll bounce back and hit you.
  • If you're writing someone who throws knives, watch some YouTube videos. I REPEAT! WATCH SOME VIDEOS!
  • Different cultures have different knives and styles. Not all cultures are going to have knife throwers, but some do! For example, the Japanese used shurikens (Aka, Ninja Stars.) They come in two different types. The rounded ones with four blades (the hira-shuriken) and the bo-shurikens, which look more like your typical throwing knife.
    African tribes also used throwing knives and Native American tribes used throwing hatches.
  • Speaking of which, if you're thinking about making your character a knife thrower, why don't you go ahead and look into other thrown weapons? Axes, clubs, spears, bolas, darts, Boomerang, Rocks...have some fun with it.

Well, in case you didn't know a was a violent person.
And I know archers are pretty popular...is anyone writing a knife throwing character?



  1. Ooh, I have an apocolypitic book that's in the works (aka the backburner) and it has someone who uses knives. I'll be bookmarking this page for help when I get back to that book. I would have made him throw it at trees, probably. I didn't know that could happen.

    For that book, I'll be looking up a lot of survivalist stuff, including hunting and preparing the animal. I don't look forward to that part. Maybe I can just find an article to read. XD XD I'd rather not see it.

    Great post. Extrememly helpful!


    1. Ooh! I was considering writing a WWYK post on wilderness survival...

      You can still have him throwing @ trees, just have him put his target on the tree. Pine wood boards are the best...

  2. My protagonist uses throwing knives! This is SOOOOOO helpful!!!!! Thank you, MK! *bookmarks because NEEDS*

    1. I feel really helpful, but also super violent...glad it could help you!

  3. HA this is great! I can't think of any characters in ANY of my books that specialize in throwing knives (I've got some great swordsmen, some archers, and one dude who can wield a deadly sling). But no one with knives. Except /maybe/ Lars, but that's just because the way he is...he can probably do anything.

    1. a sling? That's pretty cool! Is this for the story you're currently writing?

  4. I've thrown an ax before, it's a lot harder than it looks....

    Great post, MK!


  5. This is valuable, VALUABLE information. There's not much cooler than knife-throwing. *grabs pen and clipboard and nods as you provide demonstrations*

    Great post!

  6. I have a few throwing knives, maybe I should start learning this stuff.
    Great Post!

    1. If you want to start throwing, then YouTube videos. YOUTUBE VIDEOS ARE YOUR FRIENDS!

  7. This is so helpful! I don't think any of the characters in my current WIP throw knives, but definitely bookmarking this post for future reference :)

    Andrea // indigoskysblog.blogspot.co.uk

    1. You're current WIP is the one about time travel right?