The Get To Know Me Tag!

I'll have you know I got this tag LEGALLY. No tag thievery today!

I know, how boring...

I was gifted this tag by Andrea from the blog Spaceships, Vampires, and Very Secret Agents!


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Vital Stats/Appearances:

(Pen)name: I used Mary Kate, MK and Mary Katherine on the blog. When I publish, I'm publishing under my first two initals (M.K.)....and my last name of course.

Nicknames: So my IRL friends slip up once in awhile and call me by my blogger name. But what's ever time my friend had to publicly thank me in an award ceremony after a play and she called me "Mary Katherine" and everyone in the room (including me) froze like, who is this person? I don't remember a Mary Katherine?

Birthday: ha ha. no. The last thing I need is you guys swinging by every year to comment HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I prefer to have minimal public humiliation, thanks.

 Hair color and length:
So want to hear a funny story?
(Of course you do.)

 I went in to a salon the other week to get my hair trimmed. It was a little past my shoulder, but I wanted my split ends trimmed and my layers evened up. Simple right?

I was sacrificed to the intern.

I left with a chin length bob.

Eye Color:
Hazel eyes! Aka, MAGIC COLOR CHANGING EYES! (Mostly they're dark dark green.) 

Braces, piercings, tattoos:
Had braces, but luckily shed them a few years ago. I actually have no piercings. And no tattoos. 

Righty or lefty?
Right handed! (though I CAN write with my left hand. Not very well, but I can do it)

Mostly German/Irish with a hint of Cherokee.
My parental great grandfather came over from Germany. I WAS ALIVE AT THE SAME TIME AS HE WAS.
You know, I actually have 3rd cousins in Germany I've never met...


First Novel Written:
As in finished? Or just written.
I honestly have no idea what the first book was that I attempted to turn into a novel...

 First Novel Completed:
In A Dream, my post-curse sleeping beauty retelling WITH ASSASSINS BECAUSE WHY NOT.

Award for writing:
I made 2 people cry...does that count as a award? 

First Publication:
I suppose everything on this blog counts as published my first post? (On my first blog)

None yet...waiting until I have a story ready to query...

I have written a few queries (for practice) but have yet to send one...hopefully later this year?
And I pitch my story to everyone I can. It's good practice.


Novel (that you wrote):
In A Dream? It certainly isn't Twelve Golden Windows, my current WIP. (I'm in the Almost-done-and-I've-been-working-on-it-so-long-I-hate-it stage...)

Fantasy! Sub-genre? Retellings.

Leigh Bardugo probably...

Writing Music:
Depends...I like to switch things up.

Time to write:
Between 10pm and 1 am.

Writing Snack/Drink:
Coffee or water.

Man From UNCLE

Writing Memory:
The time I made my 2 friends cry. *evil laugh*
The first time I let someone read my work.
Childhood book:
The Library Lion by  Michelle Knudsen



Nothing right now...

*Sigh* Still Twelve Golden Windows. But I'm to the beginning of the end...

Listening to:

Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran...because I love the ballroom dancing in it, not so much the song. (It's ok....)


I actually am not watching any TV shows right now! Crazy, right?
The last movie I watched was Man From UNCLE


Brushing up on themes + character arcs, reading some things to help my writing skills when it comes to male POV, and reading a couple million writing advice posts while I work on Twelve Golden Windows...

And to kick with the HEEL of my foot or at least the ball of my foot and not with my toes pointed like a bloody drama queen. I KNOW how I'm supposed to do it, but I'm trying to get the muscle memory down so it's habitual.


Want to be published:

Indie or Traditional:
Currently, I'm interested in pursuing traditional publishing.
Though it is possible I might Self Publish, since I don't know where this crazy road of life is leading me.

And I might always become a Hybrid Author...and self publish a book while the majority of my other books are traditionally published...

IF I did this, it would probably be from a genre that I don't normally write...and of course I would publish under a different last name. Then me and "totally not me" could be BEST AUTHOR FRIENDS!

Wildest Goal:

Well, up until 2 minutes ago it was different, but now its being BEST AUTHOR FRIENDS with "totally not me."

That's pretty wild.

-Mary Kate

(I'm leaving this tag open. Steal away, steal away.)


  1. Fun tag! I would freak out if a salon cut my hair that short. I don't go to salons for that reason. They never do what you ask. I just cut my own hair. (I have emotional attachment to my hair and much anxiety when cutting it.)

    It was fun to learn more about you.

    Since you don't want people to know your birthday, maybe I'll just start something of saying happy b-day every day on you blog. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH *breaks into a coughing fit*

    I'm kidding. XD ... Or am I? *dramatic music*


    1. Yeah, it was fun, but I'm freaking out just a LITTLE TINY BIT BECAUSE I DON'T LIKE PEOPLE KNOWING THINGS ABOUT ME, BUT OK.

  2. oh yeah, I remember that particular Hangouts conversation after the chin bob incident....LOL.

    Wait, hold up! You have hazel eyes too? (How did I not notice that?)

    Awesome tag, MK!


    1. Yep, hazel eyes. They're mainly green, though they tend to be REALLY dark (almost black) green when I wear blacks or dark greens.

  3. I always hate getting my hair cut. Making people cry with your writing is an award in itself :)
    I wish there were more movies like The Man from Uncle.

    1. They need to make a second one...I need to know what GABBY AND ILYA ARE UP TO!!!

  4. "my friend" awwwwwwwwwwww I feel so loved!!


  5. Y'all know I meant PATERNAL not parental? Right?