The Lilah Music Challenge!

 So originally these questions came from a Question/Answer post that was put out to celebrate the first anniversary of the blog, The Singing Writer.
It started because I asked a a full eleven questions instead of the usually six or so. And Lia, being the insane dear that she is, sent me an email daring me to keep going. So I added another twelve.

And then she issued a public challenge to me to keep asking questions until I couldn't go any further.
And it tie one hand behind my own back, I decided to only ask questions relating the music, musicians, or musicals. Which was rather tough on me, since I'm not really a music person.

So I asked a modest amount (100 questions) and later came back and added fifteen more.

This tag is an abridged version of those questions.

(If you want to see the post, its HERE)

Rules for this Tag:

There are none, since I know the majority of you won't follow them anyways.
But for you pirates, here are some guidelines.

1. Link back to me, because I am queen of all
2. Or Link back to Lia's post, because it amuses me
3. Come and comment that you've done the tag so I can read it and laugh all over again
4. Answer the questions
5. Tag your friends so that they hate you
  1. One song on the radio that annoys you?
  2.  One song that you love and sing along to every time it comes on the radio
  3.  Favorite and least favorite genre of music?
  4.  Last song you listened to?
  5.  Song you've been listening to a lot?
  6.  Favorite music video?
  7.  Are you listening to music right now?
  8.  Favorite romantic song?
  9.  Last song you cried during?
  10.  Last song that made you laugh?
  11.  A song you like in a different language?
  12.  Favorite summer song?
  13.  Road trip song?
  14.  Put yourself to sleep song?
  15.  While-you-read song?
  16.  While-you-study song?
  17.  Last song on your playlist?
  18.  Song that makes you want to dance?
  19.  POWER SONG?
  20.  Instrumental song?
  21.  A song with a color in it.... and do you love it or hate it? 
  22.  A song that means a lot to you right now?
  23.  Favorite Disney Song?
  24.  Favorite Disney Love Song?
  25.  Disney song you hate/dislike?
  26.  Favorite Disney soundtrack as a whole?
  27.  Take your favorite season and make a playlist for it... it has to be at least 5 songs long
  28.  You've heard of comfort food....what are your comfort songs?
  29.  Winter song that is not about Christmas OR a typical Christmas song?
  30.  A song with food in it?
  31.  Music you listen to while cleaning your room?
  32.  Song for each of your top two favorite holidays?
  33.  What movie/TV show theme songs can you sing?
  34.  Song not about relationships, boys, love or anything super serious or sad?
  35.  A Folk Tune you like?
  36.  Songs that always get stuck in your head...even if you only hear a line or two?
  37.  Workout Playlist?
  38.  Wedding Playlist?
  39.  Do you have a song that reminds you of one of your OTPs? (please not Reylo. *gag*) 
  40. A song that you feel different about after seeing the music video and whether you stopped liking it or not? 
  41. A song you would recommend to everyone? 
  42. A song you don't like telling people about so you can horde it and make it "your song"?
  43. A song that make you want to go out and do something crazy/adventurous? 
  44. A song that is super catchy, but you don't like because you don't like the meaning behind the words or just don't like it? 
  45. A song you listen to while pretending you're listening to someone talk?
  46.  A children's song you like? 
  47. A lullaby you would sing to your own children
  48. A song that is "your theme song"
  49.  Favorite musician?
  50.  Favorite book about a musician
  51.  5 favorite musicians and your favorite of their songs?
  52.  Favorite music blog(s)?
  53.  An unknown/lesser known musician?
  54.  Favorite radio station?
  55.  What musician do you listen to the most? 
  56. Rihanna or Beyoncé? (you can't say neither) 
  57. Listen to a song by Justin Bieber (or any musician you really don't like) and write a paragraph long review on it?
  58.  Last musical you watched?
  59.  Musical you've never watched but really want to?
  60.  If you could only pick one musical to see on Broadway, what would it be
  61.  Favorite musical score from a movie that is not a musical?
  62.  Last musical you belted while walking around your house?
  63.  A song from your favorite musical that you hate/dislike?
  64.  Favorite song from the Greatest Showman soundtrack? 
  65.  Do you have any musical merch? 
 And remember...if you think this is bad you should have seen the unabridged version!

-Mary Kate

And since I just love to spread the pain, I asked Lia who she would want to inflict this pain on to tag. (For the record, these are Lia's picks.)

Catherine @The Rebelling Muse
Lila Kims @The Red Hooded Writer
Skye Hoffert @Ink Castles
Ivie @Ivie Writes
Gray @Writing Is Life



  1. This sounds like an awesome tag, Mary Kate!:)

  2. This will be fun, now I don't have to think up a blog post. SO I take it you don't like Reylo. XD
    Thanks for the tag, Lia!

    1. No, I do NOT like Reylo. BLECH (Lia does.)

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. And that is the most petty thing I've done in a long time.

    4. He he, NOT IN MY LOBBY! Dead!

      By the way I forgot to tell you I did the tag, oops!

    5. TAGGY! *scoots over there to listen TO ALL THE SONGS*

  3. I'm beginning to regret firing you up more to ask questions...

    Even though I haven't been doing tags, just because I don't have time for them, I have the strong desire to do this one. Maybe because of the word challenge. XD

    I will let you know when I do this one. XD


  4. This is so cool! Thanks for tagging me!!


    Just for that, I'm going to do it just with music videos. Just to annoy the scrap out of you two jokers.




      Actually, music videos would be helpful...I spent 2 days copying and pasting all Lia's songs into Youtube so I could listen to them...


    3. It has taken me.....almost a full year....but I have FINALLY DONE IT:


  6. Wait, this is the abridged version??? Yikes!!! Can't wait to see how everyone answers these questions...

    What's wrong with Reylo??? (I ship them only if Rey is NOT a Skywalker, of course.) (Then again, I also kinda ship Rey with Finn.) (And Rey with Poe.) (Actually, people just LOOK at each other and my instant response is "I ship them!!" so I kinda ship everyone...)

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