Makeup Book Tag //I Regret Nothing

I stole this tag from Adrianna @For The Love Of Books!


I literally saw her blog for the first time and then stole a tag from her.

Who is this person I've become?

1. Primer: A book that left a lasting impression on you

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. I normally don't have "the emotions" long after I finish a book...Not so with SOC. And I loved the characters and they things they fought in the duology.

(Not as in impossible odds and corrupt merchants. I mean the side fight.)

2. Foundation: A favorite first book in a series

Six of Crows...

3. Concealer: Pick some characters you wish didn't exist

 I haven't read a book in a while were I actually wished the author hadn't added in a character...Some of them I hate, but they are important to the story.

4. Powder: Pick your favorite book from the end of a series

Crooked Kingdom? *docks the rock you threw at my head* 

5. Eyebrows: Pick a book you think everyone should read

Well, I'm not stopping now! SOC

Actually, no. You probably shouldn't. It has a lot a pretty serious content and has things that could trigger some people...

There's a lot of bad things that have happened to the characters and it just isn't meant for everyone...

In fact, I don't think there is a book that I would recommend to anyone. 

6. Eyeshadow: Pick a book with your favorite colors on the front

Ok, I actually was already going to answer this one with SOC and CK, so hush

7. Eyeliner: Pick a dark and mysterious book



8. Mascara: Pick a long book

Crooked Kingdom

9. Blush: Pick a book with swoon worthy romance


10. Highlighter: Pick a book that brightens your day

Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom

11. Lipstick: Your favorite book kiss

It actually wasn't even a kiss... but *spoilers* Kaz and Inej



  1. Oh boy, i'm shocked. You answered all the questions with Six of Crows or Crooked Kingdom. I never would have guessed you would do something like this.

  2. I laughed so much reading this omgg XD I read the SoC duology about a month ago and tbh I still have "the emotions" too, I loved it so much XD

    1. I read it six months ago...the emotions never go away :P

    2. Yup, I'm starting to realise that... :P

  3. I love how this was basically a love letter to SoC.
    It's such a good series.

  4. Oh dear...did the editors catch the fact that LEGIT EVERYTHING was SoC? XD

    It's a good series, though, so I get it ;)

    1. The editor is, in fact, a sad old monkey who spends his days drinking. Which explains why there are typos in almost every single post :)

    2. Somehow I believe that...this is a very unique tag, that's for sure.

    3. @Catherine
      The questions maybe...

  5. Hmmm. I'm starting to think I can guess your favorite books...