May Recap//Wailings About Graduation

Blogging Things:

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Writing Things:

I started the second draft of Twelve Golden Windows and managed to get through a couple chapters!
In. The. Entire. Month.

I also started the second draft of Capes, Coffee Shops & Cake. That way I can bounce back and forth between the two second drafts and hopefully that will keep me from getting sick of one or the other!


Reading Things:

Last month I read...what? Sixteen books? 
Well, guess how many books I read this month!



The Burning Maze, Trials of Apollo Book 3
I almost DNF the last two Rick Riordan books I read...(the most recent Magnus Chase and the second  Trials of Apollo) As it is, I skim read 90% of the book.

So why did I pick this up?

Well, the short answer is spoilers on Google+...

And the long answer is spoilers on Google+ and the fact that I have no self control, apparently.

The Marching Season by Daniel Silva

The Marching Season is written by the author of the Gabriel Allon series. When I started it, I though it was going to be a mediocre spy novel.

While it DID annoy me a little bit (he reused character names for two people...) I actually really enjoyed it. Especially the ending. It was so different from your classic spy novel ending and I just...


Sky in the Deep

*takes deep breath*


Thank you. That is all


(Go read it!!!)

Life Things:

  • I told a bunch of people (acquaintances that already think I'm weird) about my blog... 
  • Stressed out over graduations
  • Procrastinated getting ready for graduations
  • Signed "Help me" to my brothers while processing in to my graduation. (They laughed. Rude)
  • Had an EPIC graduation and danced until I got huge blisters all over my feet and hurt my ankles
  • Continued learning French
  • Gloated about the Infinity War Deaths and the bets...
  • Wrote this post late at night after graduation. (Sorry if it's crazy)
  • Started planning my summer

    So what did you guys do this month? Have you read Sky in the Deep? Planned your summer?





    Have an awesome JUNE!!

    1. I just realized I never responded to these comments *face palm*

  2. So much graduation things.... ITS OVER!!! I had a lot of fun with you tho :D

  3. Congrats! Graduating is the best. Three books is pretty good.

    1. At least I'm free from school.....until August