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I got this tag from Catherine @The Rebelling Muse!

(It feels so weird to actually be tagged for things instead of just stealing it off some random person's blog...)

Women's Fashion:

The women's fashion is based of Persian fashion...light flowing cloth, bare arms and large golden and silver bangles and arm bands.

(The MEN'S fashion is similarly based)

The food is ALSO based of Ancient Persia, but it is rather hard to find recipes... So a lot of the food and climate are based off modern day Iran and the surrounding area. The world of Twelve Golden Windows is set on the coast though, so that introduces a lot of other options...

The recipes have a lot of rosewater, raisins and walnuts.

(I've tried both a Persian Lovecake (Rosewater) and Shirini Keshmeshi (raisins) and I wasn't a fan of either. The rosewater was...interesting and I'm not a huge fan of raisins. Hopefully the walnut will be good?

Agriculture: Crops & Animals:
Not a lot of farming...(it IS the desert!) They grow dates, figs, etc around oasis and in and around the city (which is slightly damper because of the closeness to the sea and the mountains) they grow melons, vegetables, grapes, pomegranates, apples, apricots, walnuts, cherries, citrus, and pistachio. And there is a lot of fish.
The city is none for its wine (and marble walls and palace)

Horses, falcons and saluki dogs are a very big part of people's lives. Falcon breeds I use for reference are the Gyrfalcon and the Sakar (or saqr) Falcon (which are used a lot in falconry in the Middle East today.

Calendar and Time Reckoning: 
There is a sun dial (and a water dial in case of cloudiness) in the center of the city. The hours are rung daily. Most people don't have any type of clock in their home and run on a very accurate internal clock.  

(Which apparently is the case of anyone who is deprived of a clock for long periods of time. They can guess the time within ten minutes of the actual time. I meanwhile think its noon when it is actually 3 o'clock.)

Calendar wise, they run on seasons and moon phases (which is kind of important when you live by the ocean) and star location.


*nervous laugh*

The majority of communication is delivered by messengers on fast horses. For most messages, its word of mouth. You tell the messenger what you want to say, they sprint their horses across the desert, tell the person the message and come back.

Occasionally people send written letters and most political things are sorted out by dignitaries and diplomats.

Well! There you have it. I suppose you can see what I actually thought about (food and animals)...
And I'm leaving this tag open! Steal away.


  1. Don't even get me started on my internal cloak...I can have no clue what /day/ it is, but I can usually get very close to guessing the time (like you said, within 10 minutes of the actual time). I guess it's because all my days are fairly the same (get up, eat, work, eat, work, go home, eat, sleep, repeat). So I can't really distinguish days apart, but I have a time schedule?? Or maybe it's because I happen to really like FOOD and pretty much tell time by when was the last time I ate and when will I eat again??

    Does everyone even know how to read/write in your world? Usually, when messages are sent by word of mouth, it's because people are often illiterate.

    I was thinking of trying rosewater, but maybe now...

    1. Most of the people know how to read and write, but they do so on wax tablets...also this way the letters can't be stolen.
      And while paper isn't IMPOSSIBLE to get, it is still a little pricey and most people can't afford to send letters.

      There aren't books everywhere, but there is a huge public library in the town that the princess and her maids started and is run almost entirely off the donations of noble women of the court

    2. Ohhhh wax tablets!!!! I approve! I love that you got this worldbuilding stuff down, girl!! #worldbuildinggoals

      I want this Princess to come to my town...I want a HUGE library!!!! (Preferably with /good/ books, y'know??)

    3. I hear you. My public library is filled with so many stupid books. Not immoral... (though I suppose they have those too) just plain stupid books.

  2. I'm not stealing this. Mine would be boring, everything's normal. XD

    Great post!

    1. You could world build their families...Agriculture and animals could be whether they have pets or not, who takes care of the pets, what kind of plants do they have (flowers, tomatoes, etc)

    2. You don't have to have the same categories, Ivie. They can be seven different ones!

  3. Your WIP's world sounds amazing! 😊 This is a fun tag, I may be sneaky and steal it... 😏

  4. coughmighttakethiscough


    Loved your post! (as always!)

    1. Aw, thank you

      Let me know when you do that tag!

  5. I need to do better world building. Yours sounds fascinating!
    I don't think I would be a big fan of the food either.

    1. Luckily the actual meals are good ( I happen to like rice...) so my family just has to put up with the occasional middle eastern meals...

  6. How interesting! I especially like the agriculture section ;).

    Great post, MK!


  7. You're telling me that you made food based off your story and you didn't bring me any??? :(