Write What You Know: River Travel

So last week, I asked you what you wanted to see as my next Write What You Know Post...

The results:

River Travel: 50%
Archery II: 31%
Horses III (Medieval fantasy horse tips): 18%
Wilderness Survival II: 37%
Farming and Rual Life: 18%

I will probably do all of these at some point... probably


My family kayaks and canoes a lot...The river near us is pretty boring, though there are some teeny tiny rapids and I once went over a micro waterfall (1-2 feet?) and it was pretty fun.

When we go kayaking, we normally just go out for the day...we have yet to kayak somewhere overnight and probably never will. Kayaking trips with my family are crazy and involve people sprinting ahead to lay in wait around corners and attack, flipping each other's kayaks.


  •  Kayaks are normally for one person and canoes are normally able to seat more people...but! There are two (and probably more) person kayaks and a lot of people take canoe's out by themselves...The main way to tell them apart is the paddling. When you canoe, you have a paddle with a single blade on it and you alternate sides. Kayaks have a paddle with a paddle blade on both ends.
  • Kayaks and canoes are used in different parts of the world...for example. Kayaks are used and possible originated in Greenland where it is colder. Canoes are used in other parts of the world.
  • They also come in different styles based on where they're from. A canoe in the pacific is going to be different from one in New England. 
  • People who have never been kayaking/canoeing before will probably accidentally splash people. (Because they're not digging their paddles in deep enough or they're putting them in two deep...)
  • They will probably be really sore in their shoulders and possibly lower back. And they won't want to pick up things or do basically anything with their hands or wrists.
  • It sounds like it could be nice and cool but HUMIDITY. WHY.
  • BOATS. ROCK. If you have someone stand up, they will probably fall in unless they're extremely balanced or have spent a lot of time on the water.
  • Even if you're not splashing each other (accidentally or deliberately) you'll be damp from all the spray when you get out. Yay! Dampness.
  • It is pretty easy to go over small waterfalls in a kayak. In fact, its FUN! But not so in a canoe...They kayaks have a lighter front. The tip actually goes under water and them pops back up...the canoe just fills with water and you sink. (It is also hard to keep straight when it's heading TOWARD the water fall and that causes it to go over sideways)
  • Of course there are A LOT of other water crafts...some small sail boats can sail up rivers. And then there are houseboats, rafts, inflatable rafts...the list goes on and on.
  • Each regions rivers and waterways have different dangers. In American swampland? Alligators and cotton mouth snacks and maybe a matinee if you're close enough to the coast. (I would not suggest swimming.) In the Amazon? *laughs* The Amazon will kill you...there are so many crazy things in there...(also alligators.) And Africa! A mixture of hippos and crocodiles! WHICH I, for one, WOULD NOT LIKE TO MEET. OR HOW ABOUT POLAR BEARS COMING AT YOU FROM THE BANKS IN ALASKA? OR HOW ABOUT NO?

  • Make up stuff too! It's YOUR story. Put cold-weather hippos in! Put some flesh eating fish in! Make an aquatic dragon...it can be nice or not...

    Just....don't get eaten by a hippo, 'k?


    Hey! I managed to get a post up today!


  1. Don't forget to tie your stuff into your canoe or kayak, so if you get tipped over, it won't all float away or sink to the bottom of a deep spot in the river!!

    Wish I could meet an aquatic dragon when I kayak, though...that would be fun!

    1. I'm imagining them as oriental dragons...with the long whiskers that kind of flow underwater!

      We always put phones and keys in ziplock bags and leave a lot of air in them so they flat.

  2. I've been kayaking and canoeing a few times. I'm the one who accidentally splashes everyone.

    1. I'm the one who deliberately splashed someone :)

  3. I can testify to the stiff shoulders part, LOL. Great post, MK!

  4. *whips out mental clipboard* *jots mental notes*

  5. Hey.

    It's me.

    I will find you.

    I will hunt you down.

    Great post, btw.

    But that's not the point...

    1. Now don't pout, Ivie...

      You knew it was coming

    2. I'm not pouting. I'm mentally kicking myself for opening my mouth.

    3. Was it not enough?

      Dearie dearie me! We must fix this!

    4. I DESPISE YOU!!!

      Not really, but when I rule the world, I will have my revenge.