You may have noticed that the comments are disabled...

Or not, since I'm on hiatus...

But I've been getting a lot of spam comments.

Here are some of my favorites:

My Fall TBR Pile and Playlist:
Peter Gale Godalming: "This is my first time reading this."

Reading this what? This post? Cheers you for mate.

Should You Read Reviews Before You Read the Book (A guest post by the lovely Lila Kims)

Actually, all of the comments on this one are pretty funny...

Sir Jack Brabham Son: "Of course I read the book first, that makes sense."

Ok, Mr. Sassy. First of all what is up with that name?

Dual Book Review: Open Road Summer and PS I Like You

Dr. Christian Farthing: "I want to read this book. Seems like a good book."

They seem to all be commenting on posts from September...But because I don't have time to go through and delete them (which is what I was doing) disabled the comments. :(