I'm Back // Recap // What's Next?

*Jumps from somewhere offscreen*
*hits the ground in a somersault and stands up just as fireworks start exploding in the sky behind me*

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Things That Have Happened Since My Last Post on Oct 30:

  • I started watching White Collar but then discovered it was being taken off Netflix in a month. There were eight seasons and I was on season one. I did what any sensible person would do and watched all of them before it was taken down.
  • I then had nothing to watch and my bestie was watching Grey's Anatomy....
    I did NOT watch every episode, but I did watch at least three seasons. My friend is still catching up to where I am.
  • I watched all of Hawaii 5-0.
    It was beautiful. *sobs* Book em Danno. Mahalo. WHERE ARE MY NEW EPISODES?
  • I also watched Dynasty which was...whoa. A whole new level of crazy. But it was about rich petty people and while there is a lot of stuff I wasn't a fan of it amused me..and Fallon is such a Slytherin. But there was only one season and it ended with a CRAZY cliffhanger.
  • I don't want to even start with all the movies I watched. Quite frankly I'm a little embarrassed by how much I watched...
  • The power went out on campus all day
    So I did was any sane person would do. I walked to the corner and bought fast food and charger my phone. I took a several hour nap that was only broken my someone calling me to make sure I was ok. (I was. Always pack 3 flashlights!) Also, someone from the floor beneath mine was playing purge sirens. 
  • My roommate was accused of dealing drugs
    Basically she didnt have pockets, so she stuck some cash in her prescription pill bottle. And then set it down when she was sitting on a couch and forgot about it. Police came and pounded on our door. While she explained everything to them, I sat on my bed and read a book. #mindingmyownbusiness 

    (I just realized I DID tell my roommate about my blog when we first met, but I'm 95% sure she never actually found it and read it...)  
  • **Other roommate horror stories that I wont spread to the wind** 

  • I taught a 50 min hands on workshop for a final
    I literally taught other freshmen things I'd about before I took this class.
  • I then lost my voice that night and couldn't prepare for the presentation I had for another class the next dayIt was for my english class...And I ended up going in anyway, presenting without a powerpoint (yay me) and freaking out so much before it started (idk why...I'd just given a huge presentation the day before and was fine...) and I was so busy channeling CALM CALM CALM that I went up there, leaned on the desk and spoke to them like I was their teacher and it was mid-semester. And then my teacher told me I was "a little informal."
    Actually, the informal part might have been because I accidentally said *ahem* something not entirely ladylike....
  • Still did a pretty amazing job though, if I do say so myself. 
  • Plotted interesting stuff for this year. (Book things. Not world domination...)
    So I might actually have snippets soon? Not too soon though because I'm going to focus on plotting before I start writing again.  


I've been plotting some other fun things for 2019, but for now you'll have to wait.

Since college is so crazy and I don't have a lot of time to work on writing things. So instead of trying to blog and write, writing will have priority from now on. If I don't have time to write anything, then I wont post. If I have to time to write, then the stories come first. To help with this new plan, sometime in January (possibly February) Sarcastic Scribblings will be updated once a week instead of two - three times a week. 

Happy New Year!


  1. She's baaaaaaaaaack. I 100% imagined that as a musical. XD Magnificent. ;P

    Sounds like you've been busy! I hope you find time to write your stories and balance school!

    1. Perfect! Just as Id planned!

      Hopefully! If not one of them will have to go and I'm paying for school so... *strangled laugh*

  2. Welcome back!!

    And I knew what you meant when you said plotting things since I'm the one plotting world domination. 😜

    It's nice to have you back. <3

    1. I'm pretty sure lots of people plot world domination...it just depends who ACTS on their plots...


    Ugh, yes, school takes up so much time........ but good luck with your writing! And Happy New Year!

    1. So much time. Ugh. Considering giving up eating and sleeping to fit in more writing but I'm pretty sure I'd just die so...

  4. The Sarcastic Scribbler is back!!! Sounds like you had some very, uh, INTERESTING adventures lately... XD

    Hope you get a good amount of writing done despite all the craziness!

    Lila @ The Red-Hooded Writer

  5. Your back! I need to finish White Collar, it was such a good show, I've been meaning to watch Dynasty. I need some inspiration for Fool's Bet. They're all rich.

    1. Dynasty is such a SLYTHERIN tv show. So much manipulating and figuring out what other people are thinking/doing and then tricking them (usually out of $$$)
      And White Collar. *squeals and dies of happiness* SO. MUCH. LOCKPICKERY. AND. THIEVERY.

  6. LIES. I'm in season 4 of GA. Waaaay farther than you were. I stopped cause they had to do eye stuff and I threw my tablet across my bed. I don't do eye stuff. i'm still working up the courage to get back to it

    1. It was true when I wrote this :P
      Eye stuff?
      Lol, I stopped because of the DRAMA. It was too much and I was like, Nope. NOT ENOUGH NINJA ATTACKS, FIGHTING OR WEAPONS. BYYYYE

  7. Glad your back! I love your blog! I recently started my own blog so I have started to comment more ;).


    1. Thank you! I promise to check out your blog soon! (I just got back to college and ugh. My time is no longer my own.)