The Smashing & Dashing Tag 2018 (a La Paper Fury) + Favorite Books of 2018

The lovely book dragon Cake Cait @ Paper Fury made a tag!
Which of course was fabulous.
And I stole it.

1. Most Relatable Character
Aubree from Wanderlost by Jen Malone
I actually related to Gauri from A Crown Of Wishes (by Roshani Chokshi.) a lot personally, but I have no idea why. We are NOTHING alike but for some reason it clicked?

2. Most Pure Animal Companion

Kamala from The Star Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi

And yes. Sometimes the most pure animal companion IS the man eating mare.

3. Fiercest Fighter

Gauri from A Crown of Wishes.
Or Eelyn from Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young
Or Princess Lira from To Kill A Kingdom by Alexandra Christo?
The list goes on.
2018 was the year of warrior women apparently?

4. Am Surprised That I Loved You???
  Christopher Keller from The English Girl by Daniel Silva (and again in The English Man)

An I probably should have guessed? But he's just so chill and easy going about everything. He's British. Says easy-peasy at one point? Ex SAS. Complete and utter badass (If the SAS bit didn't already tell you that.) When anyone asks him if he can handle bad weather he gets super offended and says, "I'm regiment, love."

So I knew I would like him, but didn't know it would be this much?

5. Best Sassmaster

Malachite from Bring Me Their Hearts by Sara Wolf.

There were a lot of other sassy characters, but he wins. He wins by a landslide.

6. Best Antihero
Dante from Legendary

7. The Best Friends Of All
Lucien and Malachite from Bring Me Their Hearts

8. Best Villain To HATE
Lira's mother in To Kill A Kingdom

9. Award For Best vs Worst YA Parents

Mums Edition:
HER MUM in Love & Luck by Jenna Evan Welch

Her Mum from To Kill A Kingdom

Dads  Edition:
Love and Gelato by Jenna Evan Welch

The Traitor's Game by Jennifer A Nielson

10. Ship Of All Ships In 2018

Nix and Kash - A Girl From Everywhere/A Ship Beyond Time by Heidi Heilig
Gauri and Vikram - Crown of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi
Maya and....wait. What IS his name? - Star Touched Queen (<<<If you want a Rhys like "prince of night, darkness and death," but actually in a healthy relationship, READ THIS BOOK.)
Tella and Dante - Legendary by Stephanie Garber
Carter and Reid - The Art of French Kissing by Brianna R. Shrum
Lira and Elian - To Kill A Kingdom by Alexandra Christo
Aubree and Sam - Wanderlost by Jen Malone

11. Most Precious Must Be Protected
Sam from Wanderlost by Jen Maone
Jane from The Secret Diary of Lizzy Bennet

12. Honestly Surprised You’re Still Alive
*spoilers* from Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas

13. Award For Making The Worst Decisions
Can I say Kasie West's entire book Listen To Your Heart? STILL BITTER MY SHIP DIDN'T SAIL

14. Most In Need Of A Nap 
First of all, I'd like to say that Morgan Matson's books never really clicked with me but I. Keep. Picking. Them. Up. And. Reading. Them.

Charlie from Save the Date.


15. Want To Read More About You
 Gauri and Vikran. Or anything by Roshani Chokshi...SERIOUSLY. HER WORLD BUILDING. HER STORY TELLING. AAAH



The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig

Read: January
Favorite Quote:

"There's a drafting table in my cabin. But don't lay a finger on anything else."
"I assure you, Captain," Blake said. "My intentions are honorable."

Slate cocked his head; understanding dawned on his face. "I meant don't touch my stuff." He rolled his eyes. "I need some coffee." And then he strode off toward the hatch without a backwards glance.

But Kashmir was watching, his arms folded, standing against the door to the Captain's Cabin. As we approached, he smiled thinly. "Don't they say the road to hell is paved with honorable intentions?"
"That's good intentions." I said, making a face.
"Ah, yes. Of course." He turned the knob and opened the door with a flourish. "But perhaps Mr. Hart can go to hell anyway."

Love and Gelato by Jenne Evan Welch 

Read: January
Favorite Quote:

"I want to try for another record tomorrow. What was that last kind I had? With the chocolate chunks?"
"I'm naming my first daughter after it."
"Lucky her."

The Ship Beyond Time by Heidi Heilig
the sequel to The Girl From Everywhere 

Read: February
Favorite Quote:

(Quote #1)

I've always tried to resemble a brave man.

It didn't used to be this hard-and I've had so much practice pretending. After all, when you're a thief, you're always pretending to not be. The same is true when you're poor. And sometimes also when you're in love.

I still don't know how it happened. Usually I'm better at guarding what little I have. But one day, I went looking for my heart and found it in Nix's hands. (awww)

(Quote #2)

But when I'd fallen, she'd jumped, and inshallah, I had a chance now to say the things I should have said long ago. All I had to do was be brave.

Or at least pretend I was, long enough to blurt something out.

Obsidio by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
 Final book in the Illuminae Files Trilogy 

Read: April
Favorite Quote:

"You can't carry this entire ship on your shoulders, Kades."
"I can with you beside me. <3"

A Crown of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi

Read: April
Favorite Quote:

(Quote #1)
After being attacked by her and rolling out of his chair to avoid having stuff thrown in his eyes..

He didn't even bother rising to his feet after he'd rolled out of his chair. Instead he sat up, leaned forward and steepled his fingers. His fingers were long and slim, tapered and clean. He had the fingers of a scholar. Not a soldier.
"This is quite possibly the most exciting meeting I've ever had. Do continue."

(Quote #2)

"Wakey! Wakey!" shouted the vetala, slapping his face. "I jumped off because I thought you were a husk of a thing. But the pretty monster came back for you."

The Star Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi

Read: April
Favorite Quote:

Kamala is a talking, people eating horse-like thing

“It is nice to be nice," said Kamala with a sage nod. "And it is also nice to eat people.”

 Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young

Read: May
Favorite Quote:

“We find things, just as we lose things. If you’ve lost your honor, you’ll find it again.”

Love and Luck by Jenna Evan Welch

Read: June
Favorite Quote:

“Every time a traveler goes to Ireland and doesn’t stop at the Cliffs of Moher, a banshee loses her voice.”

Legendary by Stephanie Garber
 Read: June
Favorite Quote:

"So," she said cautiously, "is all this your way of telling me you’re the villain?"
His chuckle was dark. "I’m definitely not the hero."
"I already knew that," Tella said. "It’s my story, so clearly I’m the hero." 

The Art of French Kissing by Brianna R Shrum

Read: June
Favorite Quote:

"Let me take your plate." Reid's voice startles me badly enough that I jump and apple juice sloshes over the side of my cup.
 I narrow my eyes. "What?"
"Your fruit plate. Its empty."
I snort. "Why? Planning on poisoning it when I'm not looking?"
"Well, its empty so that wouldn't be very effective."
My eyes narrow further. They are slits and I'm pissed. "Did you seriously walk all the way over here just to take my fruit plate?"
Reid's lips thin into a line and he runs his hand through the wild tuft of hair on his head, thumb brushing over the shaved sides. "Yeah. That and..."
He glances over at Riya who is doing a terrible job at attempting not to eavesdrop and Will, who is not pretending at all.

To Kill A Kingdom by Alexandra Christo

Read: June
Favorite Quote:

"It's you."
My eyes shoot upward. The prince of Midas stares down at us, horrified and awestruck. His lips tilt a little to the left. "Look at you." He whispers. "My little monster, come to find me."

Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

Read: July
 Favorite Quote:

  “Strawberry milk,” I say, eyeing him as we head toward the counter. “Really.”
He turns to me. “Do you have something to say about my snack selections?”
“Nope.” I fall into line behind him. “I just didn’t realize you were a middle-school girl going to a slumber party.”
“And I,” he says, plunking his strawberry-fest down on the counter, “didn’t realize you were a soccer mom justifying her chocolate craving with the fact that raisins are a fruit.” 

Wanderlost by Jen Marlone 

Read: July
Favorite Quote:

(Quote #1)


(Quote #2)

“A hug is just a strangle you haven't finished yet”

What are your favorite books from 2018?


  1. A hug is just a strangle you haven't finished yet.


    Seriously, these books sound so neat and wow my TBR is hating me now...

    1. Lol. The main character was talking about something her BFF says and I 100% agree with her friend.

      Alas. The troubles of a hug hater when all her friends love to give hugs.


  2. If all of Open Road Summer is as hilarious as that quote, I need to read it NOW. XD

    1. Im not sure I would say the WHOLE book was that funny (though it certainly was pretty funny)
      It's kind of a cliche girl-on-a-music-tour-with-her-bestie-oh-look-a-boy book, but I don't read a ton of those so it didn't feel as cliche?

  3. So many new books to add to my tbr. Glad The Girl from Everywhere and The Ship Beyond Time made your favorite list. I love those books!

    1. THEYRE SO GOOD! That quote makes me laugh every time.

  4. they guy from "the star touched queen" name is Amar.

    1. Oh so he does have a name. Lol.