Are You Ready For This? // February Recap

Yes, I am continuing the "use a song in the monthly recap title" theme. And no, it's not Taylor Swift. It's actually the next line from the same song as last month.
(Brownie points if you know what the song is!)

On the Blog: 

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Another Year, Another Sarcastic Post // Sarcastic Scribbling Blogoversary

It's so strange to see such a short list of posts every month.  Alas, the tragedy of college. 

In other news: Sarcastic Scribblings turned 2 and began its third year of bringing sarcasm and joy into your humdrum lives!

Highlights from the Page:

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte:

 I was forced to read this for school (shout out to Victorian Lit for keeping me reading!), but I actually really enjoyed this story unlike some of the others (I'm looking at you Oliver Twist.) I especially enjoyed the beginning. I still don't understand how Heathcliff is romanticized though? He's horrible. In fact, he reminds me a lot of Snape from Harry Potter. (Except Cathy actually liked Heathcliff)  

(If you want to see a blog post comparing Heathcliff and Snape, comment below!)
(Honestly, you're probably going to see it anyway...) 

Live Without You by Sarah Grace Grzy:
(I only just realized her last name has no vowels.)  It was cute but didn't quite live up to the hype. I kept hearing great things about it and seeing 5 Star reviews ...And wow. Are we reading the same book? 

(Do you want a detailed review of this book? It's short, so if you're considering reading it, I would just go ahead and get it...)

On the Keyboard: 

(Is concerned that people will think piano keyboard and not laptop keyboard and think I've become a composer) 

I got absolutely no writing done! (Except for several papers for school.) 

And besides not typing up anything, I did absolutely no plotting or other story work either!
(Unless you count that time I was on the phone with Lia for several hours explaining the entire plot of a yet to be written book and basically every character's back story.)  

So what have you been up to this month? Hopefully you got more writing done than I did!



  1. "...and joy into your humdrum lives!" <-- Yes!! I got this reference!! XD

    1. XD SINGING IN THE RAIN IS THE BEST! And Lina is just SO quotable.

  2. I very much enjoyed that conversation :D I didn't write anything either, if that makes you feel better :(


    1. It must have been crazy with me jumping around on three different character plots XD

  3. My month has been fun and busy. :)
    I have gotten a little more writting done this month. Also wrote a short story for a blog battle. That was fun!
    Hope you get some time to write!

    1. Ooh. I haven't had anytime to catch up on everyone's blogs...but where can I find the short story? (CAN I find the short story?) It's not the same as the detective/flower one is it?

    2. Yes that story the flower detective story I wrote but I also just wrote a second part called Loss and Madness. :)

    3. Did you publish it on your blog? I WANT TO SEE MORE.

  4. oh! the song is "another one bites the dust"!

  5. I didn't get any writing done either this month. I have even less of an excuse, LOL.