First Ever Valentine's Day Couple Interview // Early Valentine's Day Post

(I have been trying to write this post for years. At long last! The character holiday interview that inspired the series!)

(Also, these characters are from a trilogy! So naturally character development over time etc. (I won't say whether they get better or worse.) And keep in mind! T. is one of the POVs in this book and so the perception of characters comes from her.)

Me: Joining us today, live in studio, are two characters who I'm pretty sure I have never mentioned before on the blog before (First every appearance people!)  They're from a story that I have been working on for basically forever.

Princess Terrianna Rosebud: Thank you for having us.

Prince Stinky Head:  Yes, it's an honor.

Me: No, the honor is mine. Thank you for appearing on my first Valentine's Day Couple Interview.

Terrianna: *chokes on her water*

Terrianna: *coughing up tea while trying to talk* COUPLE?

Stinky: *apparently not hearing Terrianna's strangled exclamation* Are you alright dear?

Terrianna: *hoarsely* DEAR???

Stinky: Do you need anything?

Terrianna: *still doubled over coughing* No. I'm quite well thank you. I just need a moment.

Me: *Awkwardly trying to save my interview* So how long have you two been together?

Stinky: We were only recently betrothed.

Camera: *zooms in on Terrianna's face which rapidly turns from shock to pure unbridled rage*

Stinky: I was surprised when her uncle...

Terrianna: *mouths* Uncle? *pinches lips together*

Stinky: ...approached my father about the match, but upon having met her, I must admit that we are perfect together. Truly a better match could not be found.

Me: And why is that?

Stinky: ...

Terrianna: *rubs her fingertips together*

Stinky: We're can't explain true love...

Terrianna: *looks at the camera like she's on The Office* (Not that she knows what that is)

Stinky: It's something that you can only come close to explaining in ballads.

Terrianna: *gags* 
Me: *pretending to write on my note pad* So you're offering to sing a ballad?

Stinky: Well...

Terrianna: *staring out the window with a blank look which is pretty much what I'd be doing if I didn't have to be all professional*

Stinky: I would...But it feels like it would...cheapen the whole thing. Don't you think so, dearest?

Terrianna: I agree. *wipes away a tear*

Stinky: Are...are you alright?

Terrianna: *Sniffs* Yes...Yes, I'm fine. I think I need some tea.

Me: *raises eyebrow*

Terrianna: Which way is the kitchen?

Me: It's down the hall to the right

Terrianna: *gets up lightly and still apparently shaken by Stinky's words, leaves the room*

Me: Alright, How about some questions then?

Stinky: *Still looking after Terrianna, nods*

Me: So, what does Terrianna like to eat?

Stinky: *looks confused* Eat?

Me: Like, what food does she like? Does she have a favorite dessert?

Stinky: *blinks blankly* uhh. She likes...cake

Me: ...Cake? *glances at the snack tray that Terrianna had been angrily eating while Stinky was talking and sees that she only ate the meat and vegatable based things and left all the cake bites*

Stinky: *nods, looking proud of answer* It's her favorite thing.

Me: Hmmm. Where is Terrianna's favorite place? And least favorite place?

Stinky: *Apparently horrifed that the questions have not stopped* Favorite place?

Me: Like, if she was going to travel somewhere?

Stinky: Oh! She's actually been talking about this one for awhile! She would want to go to the woods! She loves it out there! In fact, when we're married it'll be hard to keep her out of it!

Me: ...Why don't you just let her...spend time in the woods?

Stinky: Because? It's not proper? A woman shouldn't be running through the woods like an orphan waif.

Me: *looks away for a moment so I don't kill him*

Stinky: *does not shut up*

Me: *decides to kill him anyway and is trying to decide whether to turn off the cameras or let them run and serve as a warning to others*

Me: *Notices a red haired rider flying across the fields on a thick legged black and white horse*

Me: *hides evil grin*

Me: We've been talking a lot about Terrianna. Why don't we switch to talking about you?

Stinky: *begins to recount his early life*

Me: *isn't paying attention*

Terrianna: *gets onto a ship in the harbor and smirks because her gently and not so gently laid hints from the past week will lead Stinky in the wrong direction*

Stinky: *says some random hard to say name*

Stinky: Actually, that's a rather hard to spell name. Do you mind if I make sure you have the correct spelling*leans over to look at notepad*

Stinky: Why...why is my name Prince Stinky Head?

Me: *blinks, glad he didn't focus on the rather unflattering doodles I'd been making of him during his monalog*

Me: I didn't do that. *wishes I had* That's just how the forms came in. Why did you put that in?

Stinky: I didn't. Terrianna filled them out.

Stinky: ....

Stinky: Where is Terrianna?

Me: Kitchen

Stinky: Hmm. I should go find her. She must have gotten lost. Strange castle and all. I'd probably barely manage. How could I possibly have thought she would have been fine?

Stinky: *bolts up* Where did you say the kitchen was?

Me: Go out the door, to the left and listen for the sound of clanging pots and pans!

Stinky: *leaves headed in the direction of the castle that holds a partial maze, a small dragon, demon pony and cranky knife throwing cook that I recently upset by stealing one to many cookies*

Me: *smirks at camera* And that's a wrap.


  1. Prince Stinky Head, xD Lol, I loved this post! It was so funny! Also, what is Stinky's real name? Or is that a secret? :D

    1. Im glad you liked it!
      He...umm...*cough* doesn't have one *cough*

  2. Prince Stinky Head is such an adorkable character. Can't says I blame Terrianna.

    1. I was going for a stiff Scandinavian guy but I guess that didn't come across...
      The height difference is great, since she's super short and he's this giant six foot six guy or something

      Actually...Im not sure how big he is...#characterdevelopment???

  3. I'm dying of laughter over here. This is officially the best. xDDD Encore please? :D

    1. Maybe they'll show up again.

      Or maybe a update on Terrinna's flight for freedom?

  4. XD XD XD XD XD Oh my gosh, this is amazing!!


  5. This was so much fun to read, I'm dyinnngggg. XD

    1. I don't want to say that is exactly what I wanted to hear, cause you know...death is never advised @ Sarcastic Scribblings!

      But that is exactly what I wanted to hear

  6. Oh my gosh, MK, that was WAY too entertaining XD

  7. Replies
    1. I know. Of all the characters in the story, she's my fav.
      The person I based her off is pretty cool ;)

  8. This is so cute. Stinky is adorable. I wonder why his parents named him Stinky though...