The Weapon Tag

As most of you probably know, I am a very stabby person.
While guns (I prefer handguns to long guns), bows, swords, and I suppose I will be generous enough to even say crossbows, are all well and good...I am, most certainly, a dagger girl at heart.
So of course when I saw this tag on Worlds of Ink and Paper (before I even read the whole thing) I was like YES. STABBY THINGS. ME LIKE. GIVE.

And so I stole it.

Fight me.

1. Use the picture The Doorman (the creator) used on his original post or a similar one.

(Twas a sword)

2. Thank the person who tagged you and link to their blog

Also, since we are supposed to know the picture The Doorman used on his blog (though it isn't required) I would suggest you link to his blog.

3. Answer the (7) questions to the best of your abilityOh....but I will. Muwahaha

4. Tag three other bloggers, if possible

5. Close the post with some dedication to the King of Kings

For y'all heathens (and I say that with the utmost fondness XP), that's Jesus.

If you had to choose any one medieval weapon for combat, what would it be and why?

As mentioned above, I like knives. No. I LOVE knives. But I think I would want something a little longer than the ones I have. Think more Legolas's twin elven daggers.  But perhaps a bit more comfortable and grippier handles. I feel like after fighting for a few minutes those sleek wooden handles would slide right out of my hands.
And of course, I would have a smaller dagger (or twenty) as backups.

For a long distance weapon, I would pick a recurve. They are beautiful, have a lighter weight, and can be used from horseback. I suppose a longbow would also work, though I would never use a crossbow. They're too slow, too bulky, and ugh. (But if you like them cheers for you!)

If you had to choose any one post-medieval weapon for combat, what would it be and why?

First of all, if you think knives are not also modern weapons you are wrong. So my first choice would be to pick a modern, sleeker, more scientific set of throwing knives.

And secondly, my preferred mode of "combat" is hand to hand/martial arts based.
Granted, if I had a choice between fighting someone or snipping them from a window...I would certainly pick the later. 

If you had to choose to die from a blow/shot from some weapon or other, what would it be and why?

Well, I suppose a poison-tipped dagger would be the most dramatic...but, of course, that's just what Lia would say as she sadly drapes a curtain over my "dead" body after it finishes twitching.
And then...well, I suppose it depends why I faked my death. If it was tax evasion or an awkward conversation with a sappy, weepy jitted lover I would run away to a tropical beach and drink from coconuts.
Otherwise? I would return in the night and kill all who sided against me.

Or "haunt them."

If you could design your own personal weapon (whether logical or not), what would it be like and how would it work? What would you call it?
I would like a bow that can actually shoot fire arrows without the arrows going out.
I was going to add that I would like it to have absolutely no pull weight, but...
A.) I like the pain
B.) Then I don't have to share it with people weaker than me   

So why don't we just say that the arrows will also not light until they're in the air (so you don't burn your fingers)

(And one where you won't get string slap.)

If you were in a battle, what era of weapons would you desire most to be fighting with and why?

I would prefer to be fighting back at the beginning of time. While everyone else is fighting with their hands and fists, I would charge in on a tamed dinosaur and impale them with spears and flint knives.

Ooh! Or the era of the Empire of Rome. There would be better weapons (and I wouldn't have to make them), there'd be soldiers for me to command, (and chariots how cool would that be) but then I could hit them with modern tactics.
"Ha!" I'd laugh. "That was Napolean! That was Rommel!" And they would cave before me and my bloodied blades.

Whatever era I fight in, you'd best believe I'll slay. (In both the literal and slang way.)
If you were to lead a charge, what would your battle cry be?

If I attack someone, they won't know until they're already dead so *shrugs*
(Aka I attack like the Huns. Swift, silent, and deadly)

But my favorite literary battle cries (since this IS a book blog) include:

Let's get 'em! - Brother Band by John Flanagan
For Narnia and Aslan! - The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe
You mean hateful boy. How dare you! - Anne of Green Gables
For Frodo - The Return of the King
Death! - Return of the King

We are the Rohirrim. We ride. Arise, arise Riders of Théoden (Riders of Rohan)! Fell deeds awake: fire and slaughter! Spear shall be shaken, shield be splintered, a sword-day, a red day, ere the sun rises! Ride now, ride now! Ride for ruin… and the world’s ending! Death! Death! Forth Eorlingas! - Return of the King 

(Ooh, I get goosebumps)

Is your preferred style of combat physical, conversational, or mental? Are you more prone to do one as to the other despite your preference?

If you mean metal by a battle of wits than I accept.

And this is where the tag officially ends... so I shall tag people now.

1. Ivie @ Ivie Writes
Because I want to know what her weapon of choice would be so that when we dramatically fight for world domination, we are on an equal playing field.
Come now, Ivie. I told you mine.

2. Anyone who wants to join my side in my quest to conquer the world
(People who wish to come in as a third party are also accepted)

3. And anyone else.


And because I don't follow rules very well... I added three questions

What weapon would you most like to face?

A "man of words" and his words against my daggers. Game on.

What weapon would you LEAST like to face?

Lightsaber. I'm not even sure how I would fight that...I mean if they can deflect blasters then I can't even attack from afar.

My only hope is trickery, flattery, and poison.

With the weapon you picked as your favorite weapon (either from medieval times or modern), what weapon would your best friend have? Based on their personality/what would work best when fighting with you.

I'd probably give her something with a little more reach. Of course, what she would ultimately use would fall down to her...but a sword or a spear or pike for close range things and a bow for long range. Ooh. Or maybe a spear for each, so she could both stab AND throw it?

Plus get things down off tall shelves *cough* short person *cough*

 I also have two sisters, so I would put one of them far behind me with a bow and the other beside me with a claymore and nothing would stand in our way. And my other dear friend would come in with her longsword (or perhaps flamberge for dramatic effect) and boy oh boy. The world would fall.

Fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum



  1. "You mean, hateful boy! How dare you!"


    Great post, MK! I'm totally stealing this. :D

    1. Thank you! Every time I read it I just hear the *CRACK* of the slate breaking over his head.

      YAY for tag stealing! (Come back and yell at me when you do post it because I really want to see it, but I also have the mind of a goldfish.)

  2. You would fight a Man of words and his wit with a dagger MK?
    Man “of wits” : I challenge you to a duel
    MK : hmm……*stabby stabby* …… I win

    1. That or I would reply with Shakespeare and say that we cannot have a battle of wits, because he has come unarmed.

      And he'll be so devastated by that cutting blow that he'll curl up an cry

  3. OUch you just short personed me... But yeah, i was tagged for this and you bet I'm answering your questions as well ;)

    (also it will be a red curtain because drama)


  4. Fun tag!

  5. "... or haunt them" ahahaha love it! ;D

    1. Cut to me standing outside my would be murder's house covered in flour with red eyeliner and staring straight ahead while I play creepy music on a small speaker hidden in the grass*

  6. J+M+J
    Oh so you're a Tag thief are ya?? Robbing people is my job, no stealing my job of stealing....
    *grins mischievously*
    But you see, I have my ways of finding this post, and now you shall pay....
    (Just kidding, I don't really mind, tis an honor)
    But draw your weapons anyway! *draws out dagger in one hand and bokken sword in the other*
    And you don't throw spears just by the way, they're waaay to heavy. Javelins would work for that though, if you really want that kind of weapon.

    The Doorman.

    1. I believe you are actually the one trying to steal MY job of stealing. I HAVE been doing this slightly longer than you have.

      Now now. We don't have to fight. *Scratches shoulder and by doing so signals my archers in the grass to turn you into a pincushion if you get too close*

      I know. I just didn't want to take the time to explain spears vs javelins vs other pointed sticks since my post was already getting a little of the long side.

      *turns to walk away*
      Oh and by the way
      *turns back and throws three small daggers at you*
      Don't threaten people on their own turf. They have a home ground advantage.

      *back flips into the dark forest*

    2. + A javelin IS a spear. Just a light spear.

    3. J+M+J
      Haha, no actually, I'm known formally by my friends as "The Robber", so you are stealing my job....

      Ah ha, but you must have forgotten I stole your archer's bows out of their very hands, so they can't do so even if I did get too close!

      Hmm ok, suppose that makes sense... and I didn't know that, ok, lesson learned! (Thanks!) :)

      *deflects daggers easily*

      Oh but it's not, it's partly mine, you forget that I started this Tag in the first place and so you wouldn't have this turf if I hadn't enabled it in a round-about way. So while you may have a bit of an edge, I'm not powerless....

      *Steals dark forest from existence just before you reach it by the power of being "The Robber"*

      The Doorman.

    4. I said archers plural. If you stole all their bows, you wouldn't be able to hold all of them. You are now full of arrows and your friends will now have to call you the robber hedgehog.

      The blog is the turf, the tag is the subject. Ergo, I still win.

      +you can't steal the dark forest from existence since that is something only God can do and also I wasn't actually going into the forest I was merely jumping into a shadow patch so that I could mask the fact that I just disappeared and shadow traveled. You couldn't have deflected the daggers and stolen the forest at the same time anyway so I already gracefully left the scene.

    5. P.S.
      The daggers were for distraction purposes not stabbing purposes. You may notice that they are blunted.
      Of course you were too busy to notice as you deflected them as they flew at you at lightning speed.

      Feel free to keep them as souvenirs!

    6. J+M+J
      Oh I can hold all of them alright, I brought along a big black sack just for that purpose....
      Haha, but unfortunately fare friend, you have made three fatal mistakes:
      1. You have forgotten that I always wear chain-mail, and so your arrows didn't do a thing. (To say nothing of the fact that you had no bows to shoot them with)
      2. And I can too, I named the place in the universe it (the dark forest) was at that moment "existence" and knew that existence owned it, and then when the forest moved (as the Earth is always moving) I claimed it as my own without permission, so therefore I stole it from existence. And in that way I could have done both deflecting and stealing at the same time, you don't have to actually touch something to necessarily steal it. I could say something that you were going to say and be described as "stealing your words" even though I didn't make any action of any kind but speaking....
      3. According to you your daggers flew at "lightning speed" Well my friend, what is the speed of lightning? Lightning is composed of light, and light travels at the speed of light, as it is light. Light has no mass. Your daggers flew at the speed of lightning, and since lightning goes at the speed of light, you just claimed you threw your daggers at the speed of light. Nothing with mass can travel at the speed of light, to do so it would require an infinite energy source.
      In other words, what you described is completely impossible.
      And if they were somehow traveling at the speed of light... OF COURSE I couldn't see they were dull, as I couldn't see them at all since the reflected light would remain with the dagger and wouldn't reach my eyes until they did as well.

      PS, I will do so, thanks, I'll test them to find out were they're made to possibly track you down... Though I'm sure you're smart enough to have thought of that and thrown them to get me off track.... So never-mind that.

      The Doorman.

  7. All hail the robber hedgehog

  8. Why hello, oh prickly one.
    I see you found Mk’s corner of the world.
    Warm welcomes little thief

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  10. Hedgehog is now your name arise sir hedgehog ��

  11. Great tag! I've always loved Legolas's blades.