As I have mentioned before, (In Second Drafts and Snippets and Title Reveal) my brain was a jerk and gave me the idea to rewrite my book in a different time period.

And now it is time for snippets from IAD 2.0

As they rounded the bend around a large rock cliff, they came into view of the ship. The ship was unlike anything she’d ever seen. But before the curse, she’d learned to fly anything that was meant to fly and a few things that weren’t. She was willing to bet she could pick up the basics pretty quick.

Or she’d better.

She glanced over at him, careful to keep her emotions locked away. He glanced over at her while she was looking and gave her a cocky grin. Once again she was captivated by his eyes. He had such lively eyes. It was a shame he had to die.

(That last sentence is apparently a big favorite among some of my Alpha Readers.  And up next: a snippets of Keira getting on everyone's nerves! She's good like that.)

“Pay attention” he snapped at her and she narrowed her eyes at him, but otherwise ignored his command. He responded by smacking her across the face.
She bared her teeth and him and hissed something in an ancient language at him. He didn’t know what it meant, but he didn’t have to. The tone was clear enough.
“I was holding back the first time.” He snarled.
“Oh. And I thought you just hit like a girl.” Keira said and smirked at him.
He raised his hand again. 

They threaten our families…”
“If you are expecting to influence me through emotions, it won’t work.” Keira said in a bored tone. 

Her pace slowed to take in the sleeping forms of the crew. She stopped suddenly.
“They’re sleeping.” Keira blinked in surprise. “Why are THEY sleeping?” she demanded, rounding on them.

And there you have it. What was your favorite snippet? 


  1. That last sentence on the first one was awesome. My fave was Keira getting on everyone's nerves. I love her snarky sarcastic comments. <3


  2. Keira is so perfect! I love the attitude!!! XD

  3. Love the snippets! Keira sounds awesome.