September Is Over And I'm Not Ready: An Update


Remember how I said:

[I read Crooked Kingdom, Shadow and Bone, Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates, and The Magic Thief....] Which is a measly 4 books. I am crying on the inside right now. I meant to read so much more! (There are still three more days...maybe I'll go and read 16 books and get the same amount as last month....)




You shall never guess what I did.

I didn't read sixteen books but in the past three days I read:

Tuesdays In The Castle
Magic Thief: Lost
Magic Thief: Found
Code Name Verity
Poison Study
As You Like It
Wednesdays in The Tower

Making my total of books this month: 11
(That is assuming I don't go completely crazy and read another book before Midnight tonight. (A mere hour....)

I also decided to give you an update on my writing in the last few days.
As of Thursday morning I was at 6,346 words. About halfway through the second chapter.
As of Saturday night, I am midway through Chapter Four at 11,365.

Why am I like this?



  1. Ooh you read Poison Study! What were your thoughts on it?
    Congrats on writing progress! Keep on writing. :)

    1. I liked it.
      Honestly, it would have been helpful if I hadn't been imagining the right hand man (what ever his name was) as an old guy...

  2. Girl, you read more books in three days than I can read in a week. Craziness. Did you even absorb anything from the books?

    Kidding. As one fast reader to another, I know we can absorb the books. :D

    Glad you reached a higher book goal. And an AWESOME WORD COUNT!!!


      The main problem is when I read multiple books from a series and then they all kind of blend together and I forget where the line is between books.

  3. That is a lot of books, color me impressed. I think I read one book last month.

  4. WOW. 5k and 7 books in three days?? *squints suspiciously* You're not even real, are you. You're one of those internet people my mother warns me about... an alien PRETENDING to be a teenage girl. What planet were you from originally??

    Unless you're a dragon. That's it, isn't it?
    Jem Jones ;P