September is Over and I'm Not Ready

September is over and all I can think right now is "Why? What? When did this happen. It's October? NaNo is in 31 days?! I'M NOT READY! Make it stop!"

Or something along those lines.

Posts This Month:


My Sleeping Beauty rewrite is moving along quite nicely.

Ok, no I lied. I start 3 first drafts so far. The first one (as mentioned in August in Review), I started before the sci-fi version idea thingy...
I got as far as the second chapter, a total of 4, 854 words.

AFTER the space thing, (this month) I wrote FOUR chapters, a total of 12,073 words.

And the I decided that I needed move and change a lot of things before I started rewriting it. (A complete read through with notes, character work, world building etc.)
This stage really amused me, because I copied and pasted my first draft and read through the entire thing, making comments on the side using Word's comment tool.

The comments ranged from helpful/professional....

(Ex: Grant's last name was changed.)

To helpful, but slightly less professional...

(Ex: Mutton Head! Yes you. Don't forget that you changed his last name! TWICE)

Helpful, but negative:

Ex: This paragraph is confusing. Rewrite.

And unhelpful and negative, but highly amusing.

Ex: Don't quite your day job. Oh, wait you are already quitting your day job...Don't quit your next day job


And then I started my current second draft. I am now towards the middle of the second chapter, at    6,346 words.

The read through was helpful though. I HATED the first three chapters (probably because I have written it five times now.)

But once I got past that, there was less *cringe* and more *Muwahaha this is beautiful*

I also started typing out a detailed plot for my NaNoWriMo Project, with Chapter outlines and some character development, so that is a plus. 

Books This Month: 

  • Crooked Kingdom
  • Shadow and Bone
  • Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates
  • The Magic Thief

    Which is a measly 4 books. I am crying on the inside right now. I meant to read so much more! (There are still three more days...maybe I'll go and read 16 books and get the same amount as last month....)


  • Twinning's changed their Earl Grey design and I had a tiny freak out.  
  • I have consumed roughly six cups of tea/coffee on this most recent draft...(Which is roughly* 3 cups per chapter. What is wrong with me?) 

So how was your month?


*I originally spelled this "Ruffly" and sat there for three minutes staring at it.
"It's wrong, I'm sure of it."

Oh wait!


  1. I love October, so I'm ready.
    Whae did you get the phrase muttonhead?
    I can't stand when companies change designs.
    Great post!!😀


  2. October is my month!
    I get comments like that too, they are amusing!
    Four books is more than me.

    1. I just think it's funny that everyone is commenting like "WHY ARE YOU SAD? OCTOBER IS AWESOME!"

      I'm not sad it is October. I just am mentally still in May.

  3. Congrats the pageviews! :D
    I'm looking forward to October, and those comments were hilarious!!! XD

    1. I actually lied about the page views


      Well, technically it was an honest typo, but I'm too lazy to go back and change it.

      Besides, it's within 200 page views...Close enough

    2. Meh, you'll have that many soon enough anyway. XD

  4. Your sarcastic comments were awesome!! Complete read-throughs are my most and least favorite of the writing process. That's where I find my holes. I hate holes.


    1. It's kind of fun to see your story again and you also hate it because you have to see your story again.

      It's fun to re-read your writing and you also feel like you're stabbing yourself in the eye with a #2 pencil

  5. ACK October. Whhyyyy. The summer isn't supposed to be over yet. (I am looking forward to wearing cozy clothes, though.)

  6. I relate to the comment thing so much. xD Half of them are amusing, the other half negative but helpful. My month was incredibly busy, but now that I'm on holidays life is slowing down a bit. Have a great October!

  7. I put comments like those on my drafts as well. xD About 1/2 are actual helpful comments ("You forgot to bring the smoking gun into it"), 1/3 are more like "Ooh wow that's not obvious at ALL", and the remaining 1/6 are "This is good! I like the humour! WHAT DO YOU MEAN I HAVE TO WRITE THE REST, I JUST WANT TO READ IT."

    And I tagged you for a set of Sunshine Blogger questions. :)
    Jem Jones

    1. A tag? For me?


      But I will probably procrastinate and then not get around to it for weeks barbecue WHAT IS TIME?

      Also, you will probably be bombarded in tags from me now...

      Just thought I should give you a heads up ;)

    2. Apparently we are 120% the same in character??

      "OOH SOMEONE TAGGED ME HOORAY" *five weeks later* "OOH THAT'S RIGHT I have a tag to do"

      That's fine, but I'll take that to mean you're also fair game. ;P

  8. *Sighs*
    I wish I had a tag to do...
    *glares at 2732196 tags waiting for me*
    Not you