Another Year, Another Sarcastic Post // Sarcastic Scribbling Blogoversary

On Sunday, February 19, 2017, I published the first post on Sarcastic Scribblings.

I know a lot of people delete their first post and believe me, I wish I would. But I like leaving my first post up because I know when I started blogging and was freaking out, I would go and read the first posts of my favorite bloggers. And compared to some of them? Wow. I was doing just fine! If they started out that bad and got this good, then I can too.

So, all you new bloggers...this is for you.

Also for all you people who enjoy the embarrassment and suffering of others.

Though the post isn't that bad, if you want to see the worst part, look at the comment section on that first post.
It scares me.😶

Last year for my blogoversary, I republished my first post but with sarcastic commentary! And you know what they say...if it's not broke, don't fix it.

So I'm reposting the repost of my first post!

(All plain text is from the original post, Italics are from 2018, and the red stuff in from this year!)

One year ago today, I posted this, my very cringe worthy first post! [Read at your own risk]

Actually, you know what?

I was going to post something about my first year, review things, whatever.

But no...

Let us go back in time!

Was I always this dramatic? ....Yeah probably

. . .

My First Post 

 (Truly exciting title, I know...)

This is my very first post!

(No! I never would have guessed that from the title...)

I am a teenage author. (To think, someday I may be reposting this as a nonteenager? Wait. This is my last year mocking things are a teenager.) I am working on a few novels right now and have many many ideas for others.

(Wow, you don't have any idea about many ideas. They are like rabbits. They may seem cute, but they are constantly multiplying...RUN! RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN!) 
(Actually, I wish I had ideas NOW. The bunnies ran away.) 

Hopefully I will have one ready for publication by November!


On this blog I will whine about my writing, (ok, this was right) (So true.) post pieces of my current story (Almost never and only cryptic stuff though. Whoops.) (Truth) and blog about helpful writing tips I've found on the wide, wide internet and what I've gathered from other writers! (Which is none.) (Accurate.)

I am a writer and while I am running two other blogs, I decided to start this one.

(Wait what? *Tries to remember what other two blogs are*) 
(Still, don't know what they are.) 


(I have been asking myself the same question recently. But about different topics. Like white jeans...)
(White jeans? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? I have no idea what I was thinking? OH MY WORD? Is that what it's like reading my posts??? JUST JIBBERISH? Lol. That'd be an awesome blog name.)

Because I want honest feedback on my writing.

All my friends know about my other two blogs and read my stories.

(Though I DID tell MOST of them. Only two discovered in on their own.)

What I want to know, is why my other two blogs have 2000 page views and 1200 page views.

(Because I am bloody hilarious past me. That's why.)

Is it because my friends read it?

(Yes, but more)

Does anyone else actually read it?

(Also yes)

Is  my work actually interesting.

(Still gathering data on this one.)

(You made 2 people cry. High five girl! *smacks computer screen*) 
(*high fives the computer screen and in a way, high fives past me.)

So I started this blog, afresh.

(That's right. This blog's name is Afresh. About a fresh kid. Or maybe a freshman? A fresh freshman. A man who is fresh who is a freshman.)
(I read the first part like, Afresh lol. That's funny. And then I was just confused.) 

Dear readers, I'm going incognito.

So please, call me:

Mary Kate

Oh, and welcome to Hen Scratch!

(*sing-songy voice* That's not its name anymore.) 
(*in posh voice* It's SARCASTIC SCRIBBLINGS and it is amazing, thank you very much!)

(-Mary Kate) 


  1. LOLOLOLOLOLOL Afresh! That's its new name :D *last year as a teenager* (scary....) also white jeans??? Like what?


    1. Afresh and Just Jibberish.


      Apparently Jibberish is spelled Gibberish?



      And IDK about the white jean thing. I saw it and was like, "Wut?"

      IS THIS WHAT MY READERS NORMALLY HAVE TO DEAL WITH? DO THEY JUST SIT THERE AND THINK, "Oh. I have no idea what in the world that means...but MK is kind of crazy so...."

    2. Apparently not since I spelled it wrong in the post and didn't catch it.

      But "Just Jibberish" looks better then "Just Gibberish"

      The french would be proud of me

  2. Gosh, this is so weird that all three of us have a blogoversary within a month of each other....

    This post was so awesome - sarcastic on sarcastic commentary is THE BEST.

    1. I know right? But a ton of bloggers started their blogs in Feb-April so I guess it's just that time of year.

      I had forgotten that your blog is older by a couple days. 0_0

  3. White jeans??? Um....

    Glad to see some things don't change, though...

  4. Lol wow that was interesting! :D
    Happy Blog Birthday!
    I just started a blog, so yeah, I like my first post though...

    1. It's kind of crazy around here in case you haven't noticed.

      Also I was reading your blog earlier and you said something about planes and IDK if I mention this before but I recently flew for the first time since I was small and boy oh boy. That was a mistake. I should have seen it coming because I LOOOVE heights? But I am addicted to flying and would run over my best friend to get on a plane. (Sorry Lia.)

    2. (The spelling of that comment was all over the place and I apologize. I just finished writing a big paper...)

    3. Don't worry I think I make a lot of spelling errors. Yes flying is a lot of fun! I am a student pilot so I'm learning to fly a plane. ;)