My Camp NaNo Project April 2019

Why the generic title you ask? 
Because I haven't thought of a name for the actual novel so I couldn't use that. I do have a working title, but I don't really love it. Also, I kind of want to try naming it AFTER I finish the first draft. 
 But mainly I don't have the time or extra brain cells to make up an amazing title.   

IT'S CAMP NANOWRIMO TIME, PEOPLE. I like Camp NaNoWriMo over NaNoWriMo because of the flexibility (which is an amazing thing in college when I just don't have time to write a whole novel) but its also really public and therefore competitive (and that I also something I appreciate because otherwise I probably wouldn't make time to work on it.)

My official goal right now is 15 minutes a day. I may ramp  it up more if all goes well (I probably won't decrease it, but who knows?) 

I like the time goal so that way plotting and character development also count as work and not just writing since I don't have time to do NaNoWriMo Prep before and get all that out of the way.
(Also I usually skim on character development and regret it later.)


I actually HAVE mentioned this project before!

You can find it mentioned:

And here: Snippets From My (Secret) Project + Food (August 23, 2018) 

I realized that I work better on novels when I DON'T tell people too much about them. Working on "a secret project" that "nobody knows about" adds to the allure and I tend to enjoy the writing further into the process.  

So while I WILL be updating you and you will definitely get snippets at the end of Camp, I'm going to try and not dramatically spill the beans about everything.

But here are the basics!

  • It is a stand-alone
  • It is a contemporary novel
  • It has one narrating character, but there are really two main characters.
  • While there is romance, it's more about friendship. (Not necessarily between the couple, but overall.)
  • There will be cheese puns. (And other puns.)
  • There will be cows
  • There will be horses (because I'm writing it. Of course there will be horses.) 
  • It will be hilarious because let's be's me writing and I'm funny.
  • It will also be sad because (again) let's be's me writing and I'm evil good at balancing the overall emotions of the story and know that there must be bitter moments and sweet moments.

And here is an abridged playlist for this novel: 

(Please note: None of these songs are inspiration lyric wise. They're just songs that I thought kind of went with the mood/I  thought would be fun to listen to. So don't go digging through them in sleuth mode trying to figure out where headless dancing horses come in.) 

Hello My Old Heart - The Oh Hellos
Bring On the Dancing Horses - Echo & The Bunnymen
The Farmer and The Cowman - Oklahoma Musical
Love Me Like You Mean It - Kelsea Ballerini
Monsters in the Dark - MyKey
Coastline - Hollow Coves
Never Come Back Again - Austin Plaine
Walk Outside - East Love
Cold is the Night - The Oh Hellos

Enjoy and keep your eyes peeled for updates! 
But now tell me, what are you doing this month? Are you doing Camp NaNo or do you have another way to trick yourself into getting writing done? Or are you one of those dedicated people who just do it? (Teach me your ways.)

Also, if you have any gouda cheese puns, comment them below! Granted, my list will probably be feta, but that is only because I combed the internet until I was bleu in the face so my list is pretty grate.



  1. Hello, havarti? I'm gouda. ;) All those cheese puns are hilarious! (I was going to say grate, but then I'd just be copying you...)

    1. I think the best thing about puns is you're totally allowed to steal them and reuse them ;)

      Also I love posting about this project because of all the puns that come out in the comments

  2. xD the cheese puns :P I love it, MK! And yes, cows and horses <3 they make for an awesome story. :)

    1. I need to stop putting horses in every book I write. It works in this story and in fantasy books, but I actually tried to put them in a story about people in NYC. I was just like, "And during the summer she spends her time on a ranch in Wyoming!" and then I just sat there like "Why? How does this help the story? It literally does nothing for the story?"

  3. I'm still working on a story I started writing in May. Still plugging way. I'm not a fast writer. I do need motivation but I'm just not ready to do Camp NaNo.

    1. That's why I like Camp Nano over actually Nano. I can give myself teeny tiny goals.



  5. I love the idea of keeping a story a secret. It does add to the intrigue.