Machine Guns Are Ready To Go // January Recap

You actually thought I got something done this month that didn't involve college, looming deadlines and me screaming as I plunge into madness?

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Murder on the Orient Express
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Oliver Twist
Seriously Stupid Criminals

(Seriously Stupid Criminals was written by the author who works in crime fiction. She found all of these absolutely crazy criminals who failed so epically and laughed at them and put them in a cute little book.)


The closest I got to writing was that one night when I fell into bed, finally done with my homework and thought, "Hey! I should work on writing!" And then I realized my arms were too tired to move.



  1. Why the weird title, you ask? Because I was listening to 80's rock music when I wrote this post.

  2. I am disappointed. I thought this post would be about all the machine guns you used in the month of January. *sighs* Oh well, there's always this month to use machine guns, I suppose.


    1. Let's be honest, if I had used a machine gun this month I probably wouldn't be writing a blog post. (Does prison have wifi? What about tiny cabins in Siberia?)
      Maybe it can be a metaphor for starting the new year and being ready to kick ass?

  3. Hey, the title sounds cool!!!

    But Seriously Stupid Criminals sounds like a funny book...

  4. I want to read that criminal book!

    1. Just realized I didn't say this earlier...but its free on Kindle!

  5. That writing part is too relatable. 😂

    1. It's so sad.

      When I do have enough energy to write or time to read, I'm already sick of it because all my homework is reading and writing stuff.

  6. That sounds like a funny criminal book! I will have to find. I have shot a air soft machine gun. *shrug*