August In Review

August is gone. (I know. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. IT SHOULD STILL BE MAY. GO BACK. GO BACK)

Posts This Month:

In Which I Return And Blab About My Summer

The Cookie Bookie Tag!
(Also where I tell people to go leave weird comments on somebody's post...and they do?)

Beautiful People: August
(It is not about a guy named August. This title is confusing)

Second Draft and Snippets and Title Reveal
(And and And and And....) 

Cake Book Tag
(Made me really hungry...) 

Book Recommendations For People Who Like DRAGONS!
(Which is everyone. EVERYONE. Don't lie to yourself) 

Regurgitation and Blacking Out and Other Happy Thoughts
(Sadly, all these things are things I have a lot of experience in. Well, not the happy thoughts.) 

Evil Writer Award 
(Made especially for me.)

Pros and Cons of Writing: Part II
(All of it.) 

Snippets in Space
(I regret this title)

If I Was A Published Author...
(Future agents...please don't read it.) 

Books Read This Month

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child
Raven Boys
Dream Thieves
Blue Lily, Lily Blue
Raven King
A Dragon's Guide To The Care And Feeding of Humans
The Heir
The Crown
Happily Ever After
Dragon Slippers
Dragon Flight
Dragon Spear
You Don't Know My Name
Six Frigates
Wires And Nerve, Vol. 1
And I Darken
Six of Crows
(Also know as "Why I am walking numbly around the house and waiting for the second book) 

Writing Done This Month

  • Two chapters of In A Dream, Second Draft
  • A measly 4 Chapters of In A Dream (The re-written space one) 
  • Plotted out my NaNoWriMo Project in great detail and did some character development
  • Plotted out an adventure-fantasy trilogy, even though I told myself I wouldn't until January (Whoops)
  • Wrote down a handful of different story ideas so the plot bunnies would leave me alone


  1. wow, you've been busy this month MK! I just started writing again - haven't touched AITS since Camp and I need to get back into it.


  2. Great post. (I feel like I always say that to people. Let me try a different adjective.)

    Fabulous post! That's awesome that you're so far into your second draft. Second drafts are fun. I hope the space things works out for you. :D

  3. I can't believe how many books you read!

  4. Great job on reading so many books!!

    And what did you think of You Don't Know My Name and the Six of Crows?

  5. I loved Entwined! And I'm currently reading The Scorpio Races, so maybe Raven Boys will be next, if I like the author? Is it good? (I see you read the whole series, so... I'm assuming you liked them ;)

    I WISH I COULD PLOT. Because NaNo is... bizarre and unpredictable... without a plot. I hope yours works well come November!
    Jem Jones