ONE DOWN, ELEVEN TO GO//End of January!

We just finished the first month of 2018! *cue excited screaming*

Blogging Things:

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18 Things I Want To Do In 2018
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OOH! I HAVE BEEN TAGGED!!!//The Writer's Book Tag
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Literary Dinner Party: Round II
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Twelve Golden Windows: An Update
-I forgot to tell  you anything about 12GW earlier, so its not really an it?-
-Post that I forgot to add the links in until hours AFTER I posted it-
-Yes, the link to my pinterest board is up now-

Writing Things:

So, I've been working on Twelve Golden Windows, my Starfish retelling. (You can read all about it in my last post, which is linked above.) I'm going a little slower then I thought I would...but that's ok. I'm still working on getting myself back up to speed after a month and a half without writing.

I also started writing down some plot notes for a couple stories. I'm not going to ditch Twelve Golden Windows just because some other story seems a bit more interesting or I'LL NEVER GET DONE. And I'll never finish ANYTHING if I keep hopping from story to story.

That or I'd finish 30 of them all around the same time. Assuming I hop BACK to old stories...

So when the plot bunnies attack, I work on plotting them. And of course once I start working with them a little, they leave.

Ha. Tricked them.

Reading Things:


(No. Not the Queen of Hearts one. The Goldstone Wood one.)

I though it had a fairly interesting concept, but the writing style was a little slow (especially in the middle) and I felt like a lot of things were left unexplained. Like the ring. Does it just symbolize her heart, does it have some sort of protection of her, what?
And at the same time, it tidied up everything at the end. In a way. It left details confusing, but wrapped up the story nicely.

As if it has been a stand alone. But its not. A book at the beginning of a series should leave a little bridge to the sequel. Most of it should be resolved, or the books own problem but there should be some over-arching question for the series.

The Secret Diary of Lizzy Bennet 

A dairy to read along with the Lizzy Bennet (video) Diaries. It had additional details (like Darcy's letter) and other tidbits, but it wasn't a good stand alone novel. Nor is it supposed to be.

The Girl from Everywhere 


I didn't think I would like this book as much as I did...which was a lot. First of all, you have a really old ship and Navigators, people who can time travel anywhere as long as they have a map. Even fantasy worlds. (Hey, want to go to Middle Earth?) The catch is that they can only use the same map once and it has to be hand drawn.

 And secondly, it had KASHMIR. Kashmir reminds me of Kai from The Invisible Library a little bit, but he's less annoying.

Well, actually he's kind of annoying...But in an endearing way! Kai on the other hand annoyed me by being over protective, not great at following orders from his superiors, etc

Kashmir on the other a dear. And he is called Kash for short. Which I think is appropriate since it reminds me of "cash" and Kashmir likes to steal things. Now you have no idea what this book is about and I have no idea what to say next...


The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest

Really, REALLY interesting story idea...poorly executed. Girl poaches hunt in the local lord's forest to feed the poor children of the city. And then there is this lovely man who turns out to be the lord's forester who is dead set on hunting down any poachers since one killed his beloved adopted father. (Plus it IS his job)

And then they meet without knowing who the other is (which is understandable from his part since he had only just begun to suspect a poacher when they meet) and then DRAMA ENSUES!

But it was rather boring. Her writing style made it really hard to get into the stories or feel attached to any of the characters. I don't know. I feel like some of you may have liked it more then I did, but I just felt that the writing was blocky and everyone was just...a little too perfect.

The Merry Wives of Windsor

Oi look, it's the Shakespeare nerd raising her ugly head again! This play (yes, I read the actually play. With no footnotes. Ow. Note to self: footnotes are amazing.)

Basically, the Queen way back when (What's her face? Elizabeth) like a character from Henry the V and said. "Shakespeare, write a play about this chap. He's a horrible person and basically a weasel, but he amuses me."

So Shakespear wrote this play about Falstaff (yep, its him) who goes to this town, sees these two wealthy (married) women and starts writing love letters to them. And they are friends so they say "What the heck? This rando guy sent me a love letter? I'M MARRIED" and the other one was like, "Same! Look at this." And then they read each others letters

(because that's what girls do. Guys, do not think for a second that a girl won't show her friends your text messages. Ok, maybe not always, but in the beginning? YEP)

And then they notice how much a like they are and HOLY COW. THESE ARE FROM THE SAME GUY.

They then proceed to invite him over and trick him into various things. Ex:

"Oh my! IS THAT MY HUSBAND! QUICK! Hide in this laundry basket!"
*whispers* Servants. Take this laundry and dump it in the river*

*Out goes Falstaff into the water*

This goes on for a while.

Eventually their husbands start to figure it out and the wives let them in on it and they plan one last grand finale.

Love and Gelato by Jenna Evan Welch

BEWARE! This book will make you want to travel to a foreign country and live life to its fullest and it will also make you really, really hungry. This book was adorable. READ IT.

Life Things:

  • Obsessed about the Greatest Showman Soundtrack
  • Am now an adult. Wow

So what happened with you all this month? Anyone else seen the Greatest Showman? How has 2018 been for you so far?

-Mary Kate


  1. First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! *throws confetti and hands you cupcakes*

    Second, I loved the Dog v. Cat battles. :) *cough* dog first *cough*


    And that is all. I hope your February is awesome as well!!

    ~Ivie|Ivie Writes

    1. Thank you! I feel so OLD now, lol.

      (You know what else rocks? Cats :P)

    2. I know, right? I was just talking to my mom about how I'm barely used to being 18 and I know my birthday is going to sneak up on me soon and I'm not ready. The teenage years are slowly creeping away. XD

      (You know what rocks the most? Dogs. XD)

    3. Wait? How old are you?

      (Dogs are dumb as rocks. :P)


    I need to read Love and Gelato...

    And yeah, ouch, Shakespeare with no footnotes...*wince*

    1. THIS IS THE GREATEST SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Yes, I would read Love and Gelato ASAP! I think you'll love it!

  3. The Merry Wives of Windsor!! Yayysss!! (Tbh, I read Shakespeare in Old English style, no footnotes. Cause I'm weird like that. Also, Sarah got a nice hardback set for me, so of course I'm gonna read it...) But your summary of that play is AMAZING and FUNNY and AGAIN YES.

    We need a "Mary Kate retelled Shakespeare" blog series. That would be awesome.

    Learning how to not ditch your current WIP whenever a new idea comes along is hard, but it must be learned OR ELSE. Yup. I had to learn that hard lesson. But hey - I'm getting stuff finished, so I can't complain...

    1. I second the Mary Kate Shakespeare retellings. XD

    2. Seriously - they would be super fun!!!

    3. I used to story hop ALL. THE. TIME. before last summer and looking back, its no wonder I never finished anything!

      I like reading my plays in Old English, but sometimes I get lost in the telling and my eyes start to unfocus and the words blur. (OK, it's slightly less dramatic then that.)
      I like the footnotes because then tend to give me the meaning of some of the weirder words.

      I shall seriously consider making more posts summing up various plays. (I'll need to read a few more plays!)


    (hey, I could have given you a better title for the Writers' Book Tag if you'd asked!!!)

    RGGGGGH we need to have a support group for WIP hoppers like us - I swear mine is a chronic condition.

    I need to actually read The Merry Wives of Windsor - I've heard of it of course, but haven't read it yet.


    1. I think you would love the Merry Wives of Windsor. And the Twelfth Night. (<<<My favorite)

    2. Can I be the president of the support group, because I can't keep up with you guys. Always changing WIPS and forgetting to tell me. Confusing I tell you!!!!


  5. Also I really would love to see your Shakespeare retellings MK. Romeo and Juliet???
    oooooh The Twelfth night! ummmmm Macbeth?

    1. By the pricking of our thumbs, post inspiration this way comes :)

    You're so old, wow. xD

    The Shakespeare re-tellings sound EPIC.

    1. I am old. This morning I found myself calmly doing math (ugh) and drinking a coffee and I was just hit with this horrible realization.


  7. You read The Girl from Everywhere, I love it so much. Kash makes the book for me!

    1. I spent a lot of the book yelling at Nix.