NaNo is over? // End of November

This month has been so crazy I don't even know where to begin.

So let us reflect back on some of this months goals:

  • NaNo (Obviously)
  • Finishing detailed plot for my next novel
  • Maybe work on plotting some other story ideas...
  • Read at least 35 books
  • Carry on with my crazy life


 NaNo then. 

I did, in fact, get to 50k words written this month. But...It wasn't all on my NaNoWriMo Story and my NaNo project is far from finished, because what I did write, I wrote out of order...

So I wrote about half of it, life got in the way and I got writer's block and couldn't finish this one scene. Which almost never happens to me.

And normally I can just take a half hour, go for a walk or something and think through the scene, figure it out and come back and write it.

But life got in the way and I had no free time.


So I wrote down some of the scenes I had already thought out, which ended up being at the end of the book.

Because I only wrote out a detailed chapter by chapter plot of the book for the first twelve chapters or so.

And guess what chapter I got stuck on?


And I made a complete mess in Thirteen that needs to be rewritten.

Plot out my next novel: 

Well, I have to finish my nano story first, so that is what I need to finish plotting out.
And no, I haven't done that. I did get a lot of work done on my next project though. It is not quite ready for me to start writing, but if I devote a tiny bit of time to it, I should have it ready by the time I actually finish Capes, Coffee Shops & Cake.

Other Plotting: 

Yes. YES!
The plot bunnies attacked and not only did I flesh out two more ideas, but I developed a whole new one!

Read at least 35 Books:

Sadly no. But not for lack of trying.
I didn't get to the library in time and so they sent back the batch of books I'd requested and I had to wait for them all to come again and there was just a huge NO BOOKS period in the middle of November.

I am currently at twenty books though...

And I read 2 new favorites!

I wouldn't suggest The Art of Feeling to all my readers, since it had some strong language at times...
But Caraval was amazing and if you like magic, creepy carnivals, almost dying, sister-sister love and swoony sailors then you should read it.

This months reading list:

  1. Silver In The Blood
  2. Ever 
  3. The Storybook of Legend, Ever After High, 
  4. Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
  5. Unfairest of Them All, Ever After High, 
  6. The Lost Kingdom of Bamarre 
  7. The Valiant
  8. The Art of Feeling
  9. Tiny Pretty Things
  10. Caraval
  11. Ruined
  12. The Young Elites
  13. Dealing With Dragons
  14. Mark of the Thief
  15. Princess Curse
  16. Castle Behind Thorns
  17. Princess of Thorns
  18. Fangirl
  19. Daughter of Smoke and Bone
  20. This Savage Song
  21. Rose Society

And last, but not least (OK, it is totally least) the blog: 

I now have 11k pageviews, which is fantastic.

The most popular post for this month was If Characters Were Cupcakes.
Which isn't surprising, I mean, come on. It has cupcake in the title.

It also has Brent in it, which apparently is the next best thing after cupcakes.

(And in case you're wondering, this years most popular post is Series Review: The Lunar Chronicles)

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So how did your November go? Did you do NaNo? Did you win? Did you win, but not win? (me) or did you loose, but not loose? (Finished your entire book/got a puppy)?



  1. Twenty books is more than I read and CARAVAL IS AWESOME!!!!! I read it this month, too. I loved it. So magical.
    Sounds like you did a lot of writing. XD
    I didn't get a puppy. I already have a puppy. Yes, he's still a puppy at four years old. XD

    1. Yay! Puppy!

      Caraval was amazing and I forced all my friends to read it as well. Now I have an army. All I have to say is "Do this and you'll get to go to Caraval." and they will destroy the world for me.

    2. They better not! I'm supposed to take over, remember? I can't take over something that's destroyed.

  2. Sounds like you had a productive month! I didn't read much this month *sniff* But blame it on Charles Dickens. I've been trying to get through the Old Curiosity Shop :P

    1. And I was reading through your reading list again and I've read The Lost Kingdom of Bamarre!! Did you like it? I didn't figure out when it was set till the end. In my mind I kept thinking, "SO ALL THE ADDIE DID WAS FOR NOTHING??" Lol xD

    2. I did like it! (When was it set? After or before The Two Princesses of Bamarre?)

    3. After the Two Princesses of Bamarre! I figured it out at the end because of Drualt and I was like OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH. I was so excited! My siblings thought I was even crazier that I really am :P

  3. Replies
    1. Gasp! You got a puppy? What kind? I like puppies!

    2. He’s a golden retriever named Baxter. <3

  4. I didn't get much done except R&R. Congratulations on finishing your NaNo!!


    1. I got the word count done, but I basically just have 3 nice chapters and then this sad jumble of random scenes...

  5. Congrats on finishing! That is a long list of books.

  6. Oh my word how do you read so much?? O-O I am in awe, Mary.

    Good job with getting to 50k, even if it wasn't all on your NaNo project. *throws confetti* That's still epic. And you did all that plotting! Awk, that's just so amazing.

  7. Congrats on finishing, Mary Katherine! *throws confetti*